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Comment Re:How McMullin? (Score 3, Insightful) 412

But if we have a hung result, why would the GOP vote in McMullin as the president elect instead of Trump, who has been their democratically elected nominee?

Two fairly obvious reasons:

- The GOP establishment hates Trump. Sure, they're backing him now because they have to oppose the Democrats' nominee, but if they had another option they might take it.

- Trump's support among the people has slipped pretty dramatically since he won the nomination. I'd bet that if we got a do-over on the primaries, that he'd lose pretty convincingly. That could give the leadership the justification they need to switch to someone else.

It would probably still be a long shot, but I could see it happening. (Assuming for the moment that it was realistic that we could end up with neither major-party candidate getting a majority of the electoral vote.)

Comment Re:If a candidate drops out... (Score 3, Insightful) 412

That was kind of my thought a few months ago, how nice it would be if Trump and Clinton both dropped out and it was Pence vs Kaine.

I've thought for a while that it would be to the benefit of the country and both parties to form a pact that, regardless of who wins the election, congress will immediately impeach them.

Comment Re: Equal amounts? (Score 1) 334

Do I think attacking the Hillary campaign is wrong? Not particularly. Especially if the information is being dropped right in their lap. I do expect them to release whatever damning information they receive. What I don't expect is for them to pick favorites. They can't even be bothered to make a token effort to find something on Trump.

It's not Wikileaks' responsibility to find the stuff; it's their responsibility (as far as they've taken it on) to publish what they're given. Do you have evidence that they have a bunch of dirt on Trump that they're refusing to publish? If it would just take a "token effort" to find it, then don't you think that the Democrats would have it by now?

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