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Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 105

Every one of my science professors back in the early 1970s were talking about the possibility of a coming ice age.

Were they idly talking about the possibility, or were they studying it and coming to a conclusion, after rigorous scientific study?

I'm not trying to get into the whole name-calling thing, but I've heard professors talk about a lot of possibilities. It's a little different when those "possibilities" are considered pretty certain, after years of research and study.

On the other hand, I would admit that scientific conclusions are sometimes wrong. "Science" as a field is generally trending toward being more correct, but there are some bad conclusions along the way. Even in climatologists concluded that we were heading toward an ice age in the 1970s, it seems likely that we would have a better understanding of climate studies now, and most likely our conclusions would be more correct now than they were then.

Comment Re:"borrow money to make it through the month" (Score 1) 662


One Twitter employee cited in the story, who earns a base salary of $160,000 a year, said his earnings are "pretty bad", adding that he pays $3000 rent for a two-bedroom house in San Francisco.

Now maybe my math is bad, but $3k/month is $36k/year. He makes $160k/year. As a rough estimate, let's say he pays 1/3 of his income in taxes, which means he's left with $106k in take-home pay. $106k - $36k is still $70k to spend on living expenses. That's around $5,833/month, or around $194/day.

Now that's just an estimate, admittedly, but the assumptions I'm making aren't completely crazy. If he can't manage to pay his bills or had to borrow money to make it though the month, barring any big unaccounted-for costs (e.g. a sick parent with expensive medical bills), then he's simply living extravagantly.

Comment Re:So 9 billion robots ... (Score 1) 215

Not sure where the "outnumber" in the title of TFA came from. The link never bothered to mention the number of robots, though it might have been sorta implied by the comment about our sneakers having more intelligence than us by then...

If I were guessing, I'd guess someone mistranslated a word, and out "editors" didn't catch the mistranslation....

Comment Why not wipe it in advance? (Score 2) 277

If you're worried about the border patrol, it seems pretty easy to know when you're approaching a border. You can just wipe the phone in advance using the built in feature to wipe the phone and return it to the factory settings.

The whole thing gets more complicated if we're assuming the police just start confiscating phones of random people without a warrant, but I'd imagine that would face a stronger 4th amendment challenge. And really, at that point, I don't think a kill switch would be good enough. I'd want manufacturers to rethink the whole security design, probably limiting the information stored on the phone in the first place.

Comment Re:He's just a populist, it's just rhetoric! (Score 1) 1105

Unfortunately guys like Trump really do embolden people and cause an increase in hate crime.

Massive increase in hate crime, all right. Let's see. We have one (1) murder confirmed by a drunkard since The Donald got to be The Pres.

On average, we have somewhere around 750 murders nationwide in any given month. and ONE (1) of them attributed to "hate" (presumably, the rest of them were just "extreme dislike"?). So, 0.14% increase in murder due to "hate crimes" since The Donald got to be The Pres....

Somehow, I can't find it in myself to see a massive epidemic in "hate crimes" in a drunkard doing something stupid....

Comment Re:Social media? (Score 5, Insightful) 189

For whatever extent you want to talk about the news itself being the cause of stress (which is fair to do), I think we have to look also look at the setup of the platforms, human nature, and the culture around social media, as likely contributing factors.

Because really, however bad the news was, 20 years ago you'd be waiting for the nightly news to find out about it. Several decades before that, you'd be waiting for the following day's newspaper. Now, we're getting constant updates, and those updates may be causing a device in your pocket to vibrate and make noise every time something new comes out. We know that checking all of those notifications is addictive, and not checking causes stress. However, constantly feeling the need to check also causes stress. (human nature)

Also, we have grown to expect that everyone is constantly online, always checking all of their platforms. Speaking for myself, I get messages via various social networks, and if I don't respond immediately, people freak out and take personal offense. Even when I try to remove those apps from my phone or turn off notifications, I get angry messages from people because I'm ignoring them. (culture)

I think it's also worth pointing out that most of these platforms are not really designed for occasional use. I've thought it would be nice if you could set a time-based digest of a social networking site. For example, instead of looking at Twitter, give me a weekly digest of the tweets that (based on some criteria) I'm going to be most likely to want to read and respond to. Only update Twitter at 9am on Sunday mornings with the 25 most important tweets of the week. But Twitter doesn't work that way. It's basically built on the idea that you're always looking, always paying attention, because if you stop paying attention for a day or two, you're just going to miss things and they'll get buried under a flood of other tweets. (the platforms)

Basically, I don't think we can do much about the human-nature aspect. Realistically, I don't foresee the platforms changing because they're providing the instant-feedback that people want. In my thinking, they key would be to change the culture and expectations around social media, which would change what we want from the platform, which would change the platform.

But then, intentionally changing culture is not so easy either.

Comment Re:Goes both ways (Score 2) 192

Ok, so what's the "other way" that it goes? In the one case, you have "aggressive behavior by an employee goes unchecked because of poor management." What's the other way?

Are you interpreting one of the examples to be "aggressive behavior by management goes unchecked because of poor employee behavior"? Because then it would make sense to say, "It goes both ways." But I feel like, in both cases, it's a problem of bad management.

Comment Re:Goes both ways (Score 2) 192

I documented all of this, got supporting statements from my colleagues, and went to HR - who basically said that she's untouchable because she's a minority and a woman.

I don't understand why you say, "Goes both ways". It seems like the same problem. Someone is abusive at work, but getting away with it due to poor management. This isn't "going both ways", it's "going the same way".

Unless you're just trying to make some kind of "I hate 'political correctness' and affirmative action!" argument, in which case, that's kind of off-topic.

Comment Re:Only a penny a page, duplex? (Score 1) 5

I'll be better able to figure it when the cartridge is empty. The savings come from not having to pay eight or ten bucks for copies that I'm proofreading.

They're already online as free e-books, HTML, and PDF, with printed copies available at a price.

Comment Cataracts and Suse (Score 1) 6

IIRC you're Canadian (if in the US you'll need insurance) and should be able to get CrystaLens implants for an extra $2,000. They cure nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and cataracts.

I ran Suse back in 2003 and liked it, but moved to Mandrake because my TV didn;t like it; I was using the TV as a monitor with an S-video cable. Still trying to find a distro that will run on an old Gateway laptop.

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