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Comment Re:Hackers stole a set of NSA cyberweapons (Score 1) 100

To take this one step further, everyone is inept: you, your friends, the company you work for (even if it's Google), Volkswagen, every other company, NASA (remember Mars Climate Orbiter, Challenger and Columbia), the USG, the Soviet government (obviously!), the Russian government, and every other government. We all have our limitations, and to the extent we have a blind spot for those limits, we are inept.

Excep me.

Comment XML (Score 1) 400

I do a lot of XML processing on Linux--in fact, I'd say 80% of my work is with XML. While XML files are obviously text, handling them as plain text is an invitation to disaster. They're really much more like objects, and I mostly use Python when I want to process XML. (For some simple manipulation, I use xml_grep, but only for quick-and-dirty tasks.) Usually I read the XML stream into Python (using SAX or DOM, depending), and convert the parts I need into Python objects for further manipulation. The traditional Linux shell commands (which I use lots for the remaining 20% of my work) are just not suited for XML.

I've never used PowerShell, and the fact that it manipulates objects is interesting. Would some users like to comment on whether it's suited for processing XML?

Comment internet purchase (Score 1) 225

I remember my first Internet purchase, in 1986. Well, it was sort of an internet purchase, and I can't remember whether it was called the Internet then, or the Arpanet. There was a usenet group called forsale.something, and it had subgroups for different parts of the country. One day I saw an ad from someone nearby selling a used portable dishwasher. I made contact, and I think I went to his house to complete the purchase (Amazon didn't ship across the country back then, and you really didn't want to send your credit card number by email).

We used the dishwasher for several years, took it to Colombia with us, and eventually sold it down there for at least as much as we had paid + shipping.

Of course I was far from the only one to do this sort of thing--that's why forsale.whatever existed.

Comment Re:No - and no and no (Score 1) 254

Given your background, perhaps you can explain what they mean by this "magical figure of $100 per kilowatt hour." Electricity from your local power company is about 3 orders of magnitude cheaper than that. So does this mean $100 to produce a battery that will produce a kw of power for an hour, and can be recharged 1000 times?

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