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Comment Re:Oh, Great a new UI (Score 1) 265

"Can we get a new layout for the RIBBON": Here's a suggestion for an improved ribbon. First, assign text labels to each icon, so the user doesn't have to guess what they mean. Then allow the user to hide the icons, so only the text labels appear. And underline a character in each label, so you can get to a menu choice by typing keys, if you prefer that over using the mouse. Finally, place the text labels in vertical stacks at each level of the hierarchy, and when there's a further choice to be made at any given level of the hierarchy, let a new stack of text labels start to the right of the current one (or to the left, if there isn't room to the right). Oh, and instead of having the "Backstage" page, which users find confusing, put that functionality into a set of text labels like other commands; maybe call the top-most label in this new set "File".

Comment Re:Why are the win buttons set so low? (Score 1) 265

Amen, preach it!

I'll put a word in for Winaero Tweaker, which at least makes it possible to make the title bar change colors depending on whether that window has keyboard focus. (Although I don't know whether it works with MsOffice 2010+, where it was impossible to tell by looking whether it had focus even under Windows7. The reason I don't know is that I hate MsOffice's Ribbon, so I have LibreOffice installed instead.)

The way I would describe the diff between Win7 and Win10 (I've never owned a computer with Win8) is that if my computer were Indiana Jones, Win7 would have Harrison Ford and a bunch of other good actors, while Win10 would have Legos characters.

Comment Bringing God into this... (Score 1) 111

I'm sure this will attract lots of sarcastic comments, but: for decades (centuries, for all I know, but I'm not *that* old) many varieties of Christianity have recommended starting the day with prayer and Bible reading. Getting into a good mood isn't the purpose, but it is a common effect. Two terms often used for this are "quiet time" and "devotionals" (or "devotions"--ok, I can't count...).

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