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Comment Re:Drake Equation.... (Score 2) 258

"Assuming the extra 19 galaxies are of equivalent size." They're not, at least not equivalent to the one. Apparently the astronomers think the large nearby galaxies we see near us are the result of mergers of much smaller ones over time. In other words, the old galaxies--those 19--are much smaller (perhaps 1/20th, IIUC).

Comment Re:Tell us the downsides of it then... apk (Score 1) 258

"...and the Grand Canyon on Earth" Interesting, I hadn't heard that one. A few months ago I was in the Skocjan cave in Slovenia, see pics here: While most caves in limestone are formed by carbonic acid dissolving the rock, and doubtless this one started that way, it looked pretty clear to me that the canyon you see in those pictures was carved by running water in the same way the much larger Grand Canyon was. Do these AU people think the electric discharges went underground?

Comment Re:This is the missing piece (Score 1) 132

I had a 40 year old electric drill (Oster brand!) that I inherited from my father. It did finally wear out, though, after lots of use. I was kind of glad; it used a cord, and the battery kind is much easier to use.

Which makes me think--maybe this spacecraft just needs a very long extension cord!

Comment Re:"it was used for children's writing exercises" (Score 1) 235

I suppose an actor on a stage doesn't _need_ an audience, either; he could applaud himself. Now there are certainly actors who act for the income (many of them are in Hollywood), and there are actors who act out of a desire to have others applaud them (Nero is said to have been one such). But I've seen plenty of people on stage who were there because they genuinely liked to entertain people, and receive the applause graciously; and for many of them, it doesn't go to build up their egos, rather they get enjoyment out of making other people happy.

I'm not saying God is an entertainer, but I also don't think he has an ego maniacal need for someone to glorify him, and he certainly doesn't do it for the money (since he owns everything he created already). But that leaves plenty of other possibilities. For instance, there are some things in the world that many people from across the religious-to-atheist spectrum would agree are admirable (in some sense): the universe, the Grand Canyon, Mt Rainier, a flower... And admiring them does us some good, like getting our mind off ourselves. At least from a Christian (and Jewish, and I think Islamic) perspective, admiring God is admiring the one who created such beauty. And I see nothing wrong with it.

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