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Comment Re:Will climate activists argue... (Score 1) 90

Well, that's certainly a matter of opinion. But regardless, Mashiki wasn't comparing Obama and Trump, he was comparing people in general (I suppose especially US citizens). Read what he said: "...were _people_ so rabidly insane" (emphasis added). He's presumably talking about the protests against the election, not about Obama or Trump themselves. (He also talks about Hilary Clinton.)

Comment Re:1/3 lightspeed (Score 5, Interesting) 711

I suppose the first thing we'd do if this worked would be to send out a bunch of unmanned probes towards interesting targets, and they would send back information as they cruised by these targets at 1/3 c. Earth is about nine light minutes from the Sun, so 1/3 c means you travel about 1 AU in a half hour. Assuming you start searching for Earth-like planets at a 2 AU out (you'd probably start sooner), the probe would have a couple hours in which to look around for planets, and take telescopic pictures (panning the telescope to compensate for motion during exposure) and other measurements of any planets found. That should be enough to determine whether it's worth sending a probe that would decelerate, or possibly humans. And the initial probe would either go off into empty space, or be re-directed to another star.

For Alpha Centauri, time to periapsis for a non-decelerating probe would be s.t over 12 years (not taking into account how long it takes to accelerate at 1/3 c, and assuming you don't try to accelerate faster than that). Four+ years to get the signal back. So we could know within 20 years whether it's worth exploring any given star system, although for the closest and most interesting targets I'm sure we'd send probes capable of decelerating immediately after the non-decelerating probes, just because we know so little about other stars.

I want to believe.

Comment Re:OK, now DO SOMETHING about it. (Score 1) 693

"I planned for this by building a super-efficient (LEED qualified) home with the roof facing solar South." Nice you can do this. Some of us have to buy houses, not build them, and wind up with houses on north-south streets (so the house faces east or west). I suppose we could tear down all those wrongly facing houses and built new ones with the roofs sideways...

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