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Journal pudge's Journal: My Super Bowl Pick 13

When last I made a Super Bowl Pick, I nailed it exactly.

My rationale at the time was basically that every Tom Brady playoff game to that point had been won, and by three points, except games against Indy and Pittsburgh; that the Pats had won every NFL game ever held in February; and that it wouldn't be very high scoring, but each team would get their knocks in.

A lot has changed since then. Brady has still never lost a Super Bowl, but he has since lost both a divisional playoff and conference championship game. They've won games against non-Colts and non-Steelers teams by more than 3 points. And they haven't lost in over a year, while racking up the most points ever scored in a season.

The first two Patriots games this season were won 38-14. Their average points for/against is 37/17 (36/17 including playoffs). While they have not been doing as well lately, having more problems than at the beginning of the season, I think the team is poised to break out the stomping boots. They'll generally control the Giants, who will have a few successful drives, but the day will belong to the Pats, 34-17.

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My Super Bowl Pick

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  • Not that I have the slightest shred of interest in the game.
    Nor am I keen on betting.
    Or even football. Somehow I just burned out on it, likely due to the money involved.
  • New York Giants, 28-24.
    Giants have been playing extremely well as of late, and the Patriots haven't looked as good.

    Had Eli not cracked up in the regular season game, the Giants might have won that one.

    Reason #2: Tom Brady is a former Michigan Quarterback, and like a fat Michigan co-ed, he's going down. ;)
    • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot

      New York Giants, 28-24.

      Giants have been playing extremely well as of late, and the Patriots haven't looked as good.

      First, you're deluded.

      Second, the Patriots have looked mostly good recently ... including the win against the Giants. And let's not forget that in the second of those three games, Tom Brady put up the best performance ever for any QB in any game in NFL history. The Pats didn't look great toward the end of the season in general, but Week 17 and the divisional playoffs, they were great. Sure, they made a lot of mistakes in the AFC title game, but how often do the Patriots have subpar games twice in a row?

  • ...and say that (with 11 minutes left in the game), I don't think that you're going to beat the spread. ;) *teases*
  • What a great game. Congrats to the Pats for an awesome season, but the G-Men got it done.
    • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot
      I just found out ELI MANNING was MVP.

      That is probably the most retarded thing I have ever heard.

      The Giants defense played their asses off and held the Patriots under 20 points for the first time since December of 2006, and Peyton "Well Let Me Just Throw This Into Triple Coverage And Maybe I'll Get Damned Lucky" Manning gets the MVP?

      No justice, man. No justice.

      I am not begrudging them the win. They played a great game. But that was one damned lucky play, and Eli doesn't deserve the MVP at all.
      • Don't blame me, my MVP vote was for Michael Strahan.
        Eli played well - not MVP well. Strahan was in Tom Brady's face all night though - and it seemed apparent to me that it was rattling Brady's cage.
        • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot
          What? You don't think that scoring the EXACT SEASON AVERAGE of Patriots points allowed is MVP-worthy?

          Congratulations, Eli Manning, you are precisely average! THAT MAKES YOU THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER EVAR!!1!!
      • Who would you have picked?? Seriously. You can't pick the entire Giants D-line. No one person stood out on defense. They played GREAT as a unit, but there was no individual that stood out on defense. On offense, no individual really stood out. Neither RB had a good game, the WRs had good games, but no one had a great one. But Eli Manning brought his team back from a 4 point deficit in 2 minutes to win the game. No question he should get the MVP.

        For the record, I'm a Steelers fan, so this is an unb
        • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot

          Who would you have picked?? Seriously. You can't pick the entire Giants D-line.

          First, yes, you can. Super Bowl XII had two MVPs, both defensive linemen. No reason you can't have four. Second, however, I'd make two picks, just as they did in XII: Tuck, and Strahan. Strahan was the leader of that line, and Tuck, led the D-line in tackles with six, plus two sacks and a forced fumble. Plus, they are the ends, and it was they who really pushed that Pats line to collapse on the corners time after time. Granted, the other linemen did well too, especially with that sack up the middle a

          • I don't see how my opinion could be considered biased either; it's not like I am saying Tom Brady should have been MVP. :-)

            Just didn't want to come across as a Giants fan out to trounce the haters or anything ;)

            Tuck as MVP of the Patriots? If only there was a standout with the last name "Karma" would it have been better ;)
        • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot
          Oh, and one more thing: how ironic would it have been for the MVP in the win against the Patriots to be named "TUCK"?

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