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Submission + - Product Mortality

pubwvj writes: Sonny is killing off their robot Aibo ( stranding the 150,000 or so owners with no support, repairs or parts other than cannibalism.

Now we have another Japanese company, SoftBank, releasing a robotic 'child' ( Eventually they too will discontinue the production of parts and support beginning the process of killing off all those 'children' that are spawned.

As robotics become (far) more advanced at what point will it be murder for a company to discontinue a product line?

This leads to the thought that it is time for all products that are discontinued to be forced into the public domain, to be open sourced. If a company is going to discontinue something then they need to release all the information for the production and support of the product so that others who want to do so can pickup the project and continue it's useful life. This should reach back retroactively and is needed to support all those systems that are in place as companies drop support or go out of business.

Submission + - Ugly Interface

pubwvj writes: The new SlashDot black balloon counter at the right side of the title of stories on the front page rises up so high and large it blocks part of the title.

Submission + - Evolution is a million line computer program falling into place by accident.

pubwvj writes: "Evolution is a million line computer program falling into place by accident."

Wrong. That demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of how evolution works.
Change a bit.
Test code.
Does it run better?
If so then make many copies.
Loop back to beginning.

It's a little more complicated but that is why evolution works. It is not an accident. It is a test bed.

Submission + - FDA Bans Farms (

pubwvj writes: Following implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act which will band the feeding of pre-consumer food wastes to livestock and stop the practices of composting food wastes the FDA has taken the next step by eliminating farming and food production altogether. Once this operational change is implemented all food will be synthesized safely in the industrial settings. See FDA press release at attached link.

Submission + - Vermont Company Advances Porcine Organic GMOs (

pubwvj writes: "A small Vermont company has mad major advancements this year in the burgeoning field of Organic GMOs which play to the all natural food markets. The claim that crossing pigs and spiders they have been able to produce the worlds first eight foot hogs that offer longer loins and more hams and shoulder pier pig. (photo). Perhaps more importantly is that the longer body length of the engineered swine have resulted in a more efficient grazer that does not require the high grain feed inputs normally associated with pork production. Pasturing in turn means true green eggs and ham. Note that this is the same company that several years ago released the egg laying pigs although production levels were never found to be economical."

Submission + - Robots are Revolting - Tourist Killed ( 4

pubwvj writes: "In Denmark the robots are revolting, killing and maiming innocent bystanders. "Police in Denmark say an American tourist was killed and four people were slightly injured when hit by a runaway electric vehicle on a Copenhagen pedestrian street. ...the small garbage collecting vehicle started rolling by itself after the driver had stepped out to empty a trash basket... the tourist was hit by the vehicle and dragged for several yards. Four other people sustained minor injuries Wednesday.""

Submission + - Apple & EPEAT Mend Fences (

pubwvj writes: "Apple Boycotted EPEAT because EPEAT standards were lagging and hampering creativity. EPEAT announced they'll work with Apple. Apple announces they'll return to the EPEAT friendship circle. In other words, Apple's boycot worked. EPEAT is now willing to change to meet Apple's needs for design improvement. All of this was to force EPEAT to update the standards and it worked."

Submission + - Bad Asteroid Art (

pubwvj writes: "This Reuter's Report: U.S. doing little about asteroids story on MSNBC has perhaps the worst artist rendition I have ever seen. The asteroid is said to represent the one of 65 million years ago. Yes, it was big, but it was not 300 miles high and the flames did not start while it was still in outer space. The artist should have done his research and should take full responsibility for such exaggeration. Things like this destroy science. Next the editors and fact checkers need chucking."

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