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Comment Re:Really, this happens in America? How?? (Score 1) 180

One word: Monopoly

Here in the USofA a lot of people don't have a choice. We have one provider for phone and internet. We can't even get satellite because the mountains block it. So, we deal with the single provider who charges us $130/month for basic phone and slow internet. Forget broadband.

Comment Damn Cold (Score 1) 166

That -225ÂF night time low is interesting. I have a super freezer with a double compressor that goes down to -121ÂF which is colder than dry ice. I use this for shipping meat from our on-farm butcher shop. It's so cold that if you touch anything inside the freezer with your bare hands you'll stick to it and get instant frost bite. When you first open the chest freezer there is a mist undulating of CO2 vapor that hasn't quite frozen yet. Very cool to play with. Night time on Mars is far colder. Ouch!

Comment Re:Damn good money (Score 1) 866

Then please put your money in the bond market. I'll keep mine in land and tools that actually earn me money. In bad times I can live on the land, get my heat from the land, my building materials from the land, my food from the land. You can't eat bonds - or they'll give you indigestion at least. Maybe you could use them for wiping your ass.

Comment Go ahead, pay my day! (Score 1) 240

And why are we listening to this loser chump? If he wants to give 50% of his money to the government that is fine. It is perfectly legal for you to pay more taxes than required by law. Go ahead, Woz. Pay my day. But wait, no, he isn't wanting to give up his money! He wants to force other people to do it his way! Ah...! How totalitarian of the Woz of Id.

Comment Damn good money (Score 2) 866

"Swiss adults would get $2,500 per month, and kids around $625 per month"

That is more than many (most?) small farmers get now. This would mean a basic income of $52K per year for a family with three kids. I've had many years where I made $14K and supported our family fine. $52K would be luxury and that would be above the $14K - damn nice.

There are many reasons to like the universal income idea. I don't think it will actually make people stop working. People want more stuff. What it will do is give them the chance to do more interesting things. Some won't but many will.

Comment Significance Not (Score 1) 401

From the article: "British Airways said its engineers inspected the Airbus Group SE A320 airliner, found no damage, and cleared the plane to continue operating."

So this is really much worry about nothing. All this hype and FUD about airplane vs drones is malarky.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 175

What I disagree with is the way that people over generalize the statement. They go from the true meaning of excess to saying everyone's excess point is the same point and then trying to legislate that point. The reality is some people, such as myself, have a high salt tolerance and some people have low salt tolerances. That excess point varies with your heredity.

Comment Not really (Score 1) 175

"It's common knowledge that excess sodium can be detrimental to one's health."

Actually, wrong, except in the absolute form of "too much" is "too much". The reality is different people have different sensitivities to sodium. Recent research shows that for some people it is a problem while for others it is not a problem.

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