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Comment OP needs to become a landlord (Score 0) 307

"Renting is already fraught with pain, from annual rent hikes to extortionate lettings fees."

Perhaps you're not aware that the real estate taxes go up, the costs of maintenance go up, the services costs go up, the cost of living for the landlord goes up, etc. You need to become a landlord and learn a bit about reality.

Your real problem is that you're stuck in the renting cycle where you choose to pay someone else to take your risks. Buy your own place and get a taste of what it is like rather than bitching.

Comment Filters are your Friend (Score 1) 140

All the problems they list are solvable with good filters. I use the Mail application on the Mac. The filters work great. My mail comes in color coded and sorted to the mailboxes so I can easily and efficiently deal with it. Often I reply using the signatures since many replies are pretty standard. Email works great.

Comment Sounds nice but... (Score 1) 269

This sounds like a nice idea but the actual implementation is a lot harder. Top down forcing this on people is very politically expedient and correct but the people proposing such things are not actually coming up with solutions, they're just dream about an ideal they want. The real world is a lot harder to deal with and isn't easily regulated and legislated.

Comment Tools (Score 1) 364

Robots are tools that allow me to do more work. I have a lot of robots.

My simplest robot is a stick that I use to quickly and easily make holes in the ground with to plant seeds. It greatly improves efficiency.

A more complex robot is my tractor. It replaces the need to have about 50 horses on my farm. That's a huge savings in time and it can do things the horses and men couldn't do freeing us up to do other interesting things.

A far more complex tool is my computers which maintain my web sites, do billing, graphics, word processing, bookkeeping and reach out to thousands of customers and many times that in potential customers 24/7. This makes it so I don't have to spend all my time on the phone or going house to house to sell my farm's products.

A wonderful robotic tool to have would be one that could do more general skills with some intelligence, a handyman. I'll have several of those down the road. They'll allow me to do far more than I can now.

Robots are tools. We've been using progressively more complex for millennia. The Luddites have always cried about fears of lost jobs but in each case the tools have empowered those of us who choose to do and create.


Comment Attack Software (Score 5, Interesting) 514

So what happens when travelers start carrying attack hardware & software that bites back. Imagine that the border agent sticks your phone into his reader and along with your data your phone injects a virus into his system. This can be done at very low levels. Or your 'phone' might simply send out 200,000 volts of power through the connection frying boarder patrol's expensive equipment.

Sounds like a good plot for a thriller spy movie...

And it's all possible.

Comment Re:Two Problems (Score 1) 401

A bit more science and Earth history please... It is a cycle.

You also don't appear to understand the thermodynamics issue. The problem is using energy to cool the arctic will actually warm things because no cooling technology is 100% efficient. In fact, they aren't even anywhere close. Refrigeration systems are really heat pumps that move the energy from one place to another and add energy to that stream. This results in the place the heat is dumped being a lot hotter while achieving only a little cooling. The overall net of the system is warming.

Let's stick with science rather than wishful thinking.

Comment Re:PayPal is not as good as other payment methods (Score 1) 141

"Many people are worried about their bank/credit account information falling into the wrong hands."

Cash and checks eliminate that issue.

"The absence of that option means they may choose to buy from someone else instead."

Since I'm already selling at capacity that isn't an issue. Most of my sales are wholesale and they don't use credit cards or PayPal. Only a small percent use PP.

There is no particular reason for me to want to pay PayPal tens of thousands of dollars a year for what is not of value to me.

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