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Comment Re:As a Canadian (Score 1) 355

My friends in Canada and in the UK and in the EU (marginally different sort of now) have all been telling me that the TTP was a horrible thing and they couldn't believe Obama was backing TTP.

Ironically, they all hate Trump too.

So we ended up getting Trump and killing TTP. Maybe it is worth the trade off. Time will tell.

Comment Re:Good for my gardens (Score 1) 186

It's a seemingly good idea to plant the trees but there are several reasons that they don't do this and all are rooted in saving lives.

Trees fall down. So the highway department would rather keep them a tree length away from the travel way.

Cars go off the road. So the highway department would like to have safe runout zones in the medians where the soft ground will slow your vehicle and prevent your death rather than you stopping suddenly when you hit a mature tree.

Additionally, to optimize the carbon sequestering you need to be harvesting those trees regularly to maximize their growth. This means many thinings through the life of the stands. That means heavy equipment (logging skiders, trucks) working in the medians. It's dangerous enough having the mowers but that can be done once every few years and is less dangerous for those involved, both logger/mower and driving public plus the mowing does not involve heavy logging trucks reentering the stream of traffic which they do with great difficulty while attempting to get up to speed.

There are better places to make a million small dents.

Lastly, the green verges of grasses and wildflowers can actually sequester more carbon than forest lands so the mowed margins are a good solution.

with his forestry and farming hat on.

Comment Good for my gardens (Score 4, Funny) 186

Good for my gardens, my forest, my pastures.

Oh, wait, all of them are sequestering carbon to the tune of 1.4 to 2.7 tons of carbon a year. Hmm... This could be counter productive. The plants might use up all that carbon dioxide. Better startup your SUVs to make up for this and keep the farms flourishing!

Comment Less for More! (Score 1) 48

I farm. I raise pigs on pasture and sell the pork to our customers weekly. As a special feature starting in 2017 to help you reduce your calorie consumption I will be selling you 2 oz when you buy 1 pound of meat. The 2 oz of meat will be packaged with 14 oz of water. This way you can enjoy eating three pounds a day and still stay within your caloric budget.

Wait a minute. If I did that I would be arrested, quite rightfully, and thrown in jail for cheating my customers. What AT&T is offering is just as absurd.

Comment Blame or Credit? (Score 2) 499

the "large and influential boards and social-media platforms where Americans now congregate to discuss politics" are to blame.

Sounds to me like they should be crediting Facebook and other forums with helping people become more involved in the process. For decades voter apathy was bemoaned. Now we have people taking an interest. That's a good thing. Unless you're a loser...

Comment Simple Solution (Score 4, Informative) 212

Buy a used MacBook Pro.

This gives you the connectors you want.

The used MacBook Pros are almost as fast as the new ones. Trivial difference.

The cost of the used ones is about 50% of the new ones.

Buy used and you save. Of course, Apple doesn't make any money off of that transaction which is your way of voting with your pocket book. Apple will pay attention to this when Mac sales crash due to them releasing machines people don't want. They will pay attention and notice the sales of the used machines are doing well. They'll figure it out.

Lastly, leave Apple feedback here:

They do read the feedback and that is your conduit to change.

Comment Re:where is the keyboard with the touchbar? (Score 3, Informative) 212

"I don't know anyone who connects to external monitors and still types on the laptop keyboard."

I do. My laptop keyboard is great. I have an external 27" monitor. I touch type.

I will agree with you though that the new bar across the top is not appealing. I don't look at the keyboard. I look at the screens. I want the function keys to be what I mapped them to be and not switched by applications. I also want them to be tactile. I touch type and need them to be where I expect them to be. I also cord. Gives a lot more functions.

But then you don't know me so your statement holds true. Barely.

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