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The Internet

Submission + - Running fiber to my home 3

pseudorand writes: Century Link only offers 1.5 MB to my home. Comcast has faster but reportedly unreliable service and wants to charge me hundreds to run copper to my home. Wireless broadband provides can't service my home without cutting down lots of trees. But in China, everyone's getting fiber (
in-china-must-have-fiber-optic-internet-connections). And I'm pretty sure the telco's have installed fiber to plenty of rural farmhouses to get their universal service funds, yet have no plans of offering my any serice. WTF capitalism!?!

I want fiber to my home, and I'm willing to pay to have it installed (possibly a significant sum). Can this be done? Are there telcos or other providers that will quote you a price for such a thing?
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Is Verizon still charging for tethering on their 4G spectrum? ( 1

pseudorand writes: I just discussed upgrading to a 4G phone with sales reps at both a Verizon store and Best Buy. Both told me I had to pay an extra $20/month for tethering. Remembering the FCC ruling mentioned in this ./ article: ...I was of course a bit surprised.

Is anyone getting free 4G tethering on a Verizon plan? This article seems to imply that Verizon would no longer attempt to charge customers for tethering with usage-based plans (the only type still available if you take their phone discount) or attempt to hide the reality of free tethering:

From my reading of the ruling:
they can still charge for it and have no obligation to let customers know about free tethering, they just can't tell Google to block tethering apps.

Is Verizon still in violation of the FCC ruling?

(I would hope so and I've already filed my complaint with the FCC:

Submission + - Best Linux game for young kids 2

pseudorand writes: I have a 3 year old that I've so far kept away from TV and computers. I met a gamer who has a 1 year old that plays xbox (probably better than I do). I believe kids should experience the real world first, but computers will obviously be a basic job still for the foreseeable future and I'm afraid I'm letting my kid fall behind.

I'd like to responsibly introduce my son to computers so he can start developing hard-eye coordination, typing skills and learning UI concepts. What's the best (Linux, of course) game to get a kid started with? Shoot-em-up's are obviously out, but I'm more concerned with something that will help him understand how to interact with a mouse, keyboard and screen and hold his attention rather than something 'educational' because there's plenty of (probably more effective) ways to teach math, reading, etc. that don't involve a computer.

So far I've tried Tux Racer, which held his attention for 10 minutes or so. He doesn't quite get pressing multiple keys simultaneously yet.
United States

Submission + - Watching the vote (

pseudorand writes: "Does anyone else wonder if their vote is actually counted? There are lots of web sites claiming the ballet counting process is very secretive, but the "how you can help" sections all just seem to ask for money. So, this November 4th, I'm going to to everything I can to actually watch the counting to see how it works.

I've started a blog to document my efforts. (No good so far.) Wouldn't it be great if hundreds of slashdot readers just showed up on Election day to watch the vote. Anyone who would like to join me (in Larimer county or where ever you happen to live) is, of course, welcome an encouraged.

Note that I live in Larimer County, Colorado, where we use Dibold voting machines. These were decertified by the secretary of state earlier this year and them promptly recertified. This could be difficult."


Submission + - Is Google Showtimes being evil? 1

pseudorand writes: I went to look up showtimes on Google today only to find that my favorite movie theater, Cinema Saver Six (usually here), wasn't listed anymore. Maybe it's just a back-end technical problem, but Cinema Saver Six is a two-dollar theater, and I can't help but wonder if Google evily removed this theater either because they don't pay or at the request of other big theater chains. Does anyone know how Google Showtimes works (i.e. do theaters pay to be listed)? Has anyone else noticed theaters missing from the listing recently?
The Courts

Submission + - 1st rule of Abu Ghraib:Don't talk about Abu Ghraib (

pseudorand writes: Forbes has this story about the only officer tried for the abuse of prisoners by U.S. Soldiers in the Iraq Abu Ghraib prison. He was acquitted of failing to control the soldiers under his command, but found guilty of disobeying a general's order to keep quiet about it. So if you're in the military, I guess it's okay to commit whatever abuses of power you like, just keep it on the down low.

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