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Submission + - Best Linux game for young kids 2

pseudorand writes: I have a 3 year old that I've so far kept away from TV and computers. I met a gamer who has a 1 year old that plays xbox (probably better than I do). I believe kids should experience the real world first, but computers will obviously be a basic job still for the foreseeable future and I'm afraid I'm letting my kid fall behind.

I'd like to responsibly introduce my son to computers so he can start developing hard-eye coordination, typing skills and learning UI concepts. What's the best (Linux, of course) game to get a kid started with? Shoot-em-up's are obviously out, but I'm more concerned with something that will help him understand how to interact with a mouse, keyboard and screen and hold his attention rather than something 'educational' because there's plenty of (probably more effective) ways to teach math, reading, etc. that don't involve a computer.

So far I've tried Tux Racer, which held his attention for 10 minutes or so. He doesn't quite get pressing multiple keys simultaneously yet.
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Best Linux game for young kids

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  • My 4 year old daughter has had my (very) old laptop for the last two or three years, running Ubuntu. I installed a bunch of games through the software centre, and she seems to like platformers especially, but almost anything will do - although she has hardly any patience for puzzle games, which is a shame, since Tetris has been shown to improve language skills and brain function. Ironically, many "normal" games have turned out to be better for your brain than so-called "brain games" - even first-person shoo
  • Hello, i've just post a news about our first attempt to make pedagogical bundle ... http://pedagogicalbundle.com/ [pedagogicalbundle.com] if it works we will put all of our games and educational software on this sort of packages ! Éric

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