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Journal Journal: New Job...

I just got a new job at a large internet company in Silicon Valley. Very exciting. My title is actually Engineer, which I find kind of disturbing on some level. I went to FILM SCHOOL. Anyway, now I am moving to nerd mecca...
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Journal Journal: Blog?

Someday I will finish coding my blog. I've turned in to microsoft, all the stuff I did for Elise's blog wasn't enough and I want to keep adding features. Anyway, until I do it, here is a great article. It manages to articulate something I feel pretty strongly about: the fact that wars kill people.
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Journal Journal: IDNSPFANL

Yeah, if you speak french natively you would have noticed based on my last entry: I Do Not Speak French As A Native Language. My last entry was lame and shrill as well. Yeah, like I own french or something. Whatever. I can be a jerk sometimes.
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Journal Journal: Une sig, mes amis, UNE sig.

Je ne suis pas sûr, mais je crois que quand on dit, "sig", on veut dire "une signature". Le mot est féminin. Mais je vois beaucoup de gens avec une sig qui dit, en français, "ceci n'est pas un sig." Et pire, le peinture très connu de Magritte est "Ceci n'est pas une pipe": Pipe est féminine.

Alors, j'èspere que les gens qui lisent ce journal vont changer leurs sigs.

Ceci, elle est bien une sig.

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