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Comment Latitude E7470 (Score 1) 315

Vote for the Dell Latitude E7470 series here. They are sleek, not insanely slim like some, but definitely ultrabook thin. Upsides are high-res and touchscreen, 4G capability, upgradable RAM and SSD (a least on the 7450, haven't gotten a new 7470 in yet. The best part is the docking support. I know that you can plug in USB 3 "docks" or some thunderbolt docks, but nothing beats dropping your laptop into a dedicated "real" dock/port replicator and everything just works at full speeds. Multi-monitor and dual-displayport capability. Battery life is great. Downsides are that they are not unibody aluminum and the price ($1500+). They are not cheap. You pay for it. But it's a damn good machine for the money.

Comment Re:I'm conflicted about this (Score 3, Interesting) 104

I agree 100%. I tried ChromeOS expecting to hate it. I mean come on, an "OS" that was nothing but a browser? But it is actually a very simple, decent OS. Fantastic for Grandma or anyone else that needs just something simple. It's totally fast, and does all the basics you could need it to. Office? No, not happening, unless you want a "browser" version of it. But I was surprised how much I liked it.

Comment Re:RF vs Bluetooth Mice (Score 1) 519

You've probably got the mouse and keyboard too far from the transmitter. I bought a MS wireless keyboard/mouse combo and had the same problems. MS wireless devices seem to need to be extremely close to the transmitter, I'm talking 2-3 feet. Logitech products work from a far greater distance. Try moving the keyboard and mouse very close to the transmitter (couple of inches) and see if the problem goes away.

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