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Overclocker Pushes Intel Core i7-7700K Past 7GHz Using Liquid Nitrogen ( 139

MojoKid writes from a report via HotHardware: If you've had any doubts of Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake processor's capabilities with respect to overclocking, don't fret. It's looking like even the most dedicated overclockers are going to have a blast with this series. Someone recently got a hold of an Intel Core i7-7700K chip and decided to take it for an overclocking spin. Interestingly, the motherboard used is not one of the upcoming series designed for Kaby Lake, but the chip was instead overclocked on a Z170 motherboard from ASRock (Z170M OC Formula). That bodes well for those planning to snag a Kaby Lake CPU and would rather not have to upgrade their motherboard as well. With liquid nitrogen cooling the processor, this particular chip peaked at just over 7GHz, which helped deliver a SuperPi 32M time of 4m 20s, and a wPrime 1024M time of 1m 33s. It's encouraging to see the chip breaking this clock speed, even with extreme methods, since it's a potential relative indicator of how much headroom will be available for overclocking with more standard cooling solutions.

Comment I'm Alive... (Score 1) 1165

I have a gun. Many guns. I've never fired at any Human Being. I'v e fired at lots of paper targets. I grew up with a deer hunting dad. Guns were things that would kill you. I choose to keep my gun. Because my gun had not hurt anybody. My gun will {WILL} protect my life from people that wish to take it. I'd rather have it and not need it. I am a peaceful soul. We cannot keep drugs and cell-phones from prisons and schools.What makes you think that we can keep guns out of the criminals hands? I beg you to be sincere. I'd like to protect my family from the elments that would take away my freedom that would do such.
I love you all....


Tiny Robots Climb Walls Carrying More Than 100 Times Their Weight 19

schwit1 writes: Mighty things come in small packages. The little robots in this video can haul things that weigh over 100 times more than themselves. The super-strong bots — built by mechanical engineers at Stanford — will be presented next month at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Seattle, Washington. The secret is in the adhesives on the robots' feet. Their design is inspired by geckos, which have climbing skills that are legendary in the animal kingdom. The adhesives are covered in minute rubber spikes that grip firmly onto the wall as the robot climbs. When pressure is applied, the spikes bend, increasing their surface area and thus their stickiness. When the robot picks its foot back up, the spikes straighten out again and detach easily.

Comment Easy! (Score 1) 110

Don't know why it took so long to figure this out...
They were all in the same tent no?

One of the girls yelled "Spider!" or "Mouse!" and panicked, knocking down the tent. Someone cuts the tent open to get out. They all flee, but it's dark and everyone gets turned around, not able to find there way back to the tent
Seriously, once you have some kind of panic event the rest of the events seem to be quite ordinary.

Comment Re:Great... (Score 1) 520

This ^ is what I'd like to explore.
Why does the media and the general populace get this so wrong?
It's not an arcane distinction. It's basic mechanics. One trigger pull, one shot.

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