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Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 54

I don't think it's like the 1000-in-one type kits. t's quite a bit different, though you did point out something it's exactly like, Lego Mindstorm. It's no different than that. As for if this will take off or not? Well google is heavily used in the classroom for education in north america, and I could see that being leveraged to expand education programming for this. Schools love lego mindstorm and this seems like a step to overtake that market. I don't see anyone buying it really for home use, as a gift really but in school they will eat that up.

Comment Re:Creeeeeeepy (Score 1) 256

Even with a non functioning spine it could increase the life span of an individual if they wish, by keeping the body going. Muscle degenerating diseases as far as I know(I'm not a doctor) typically kill you. This could extend peoples lives even without an intact spinal chord. It would be a huge breakthrough on a lot of levels even if not fully successful.

That is to say it works at all. I'm also skeptical of it working, at least in the first attempt. I'm just saying the spinal thing might not detract everyone from perusing it if it did.

Comment Re:Damned if you do, damned if you don't (Score 1) 410

With a finger print scan you could limit the number of scans before you lock out that mode of authentication. You then have to verify with an actual password. There should be no way to brute force the fingerprint scanner. You can maybe get 6-10 through before it should lock out, that's all assuming your database even has something close to what's stored in the phone.

Comment Re:Laws of Robotics (Score 1) 342

For any kind of laws of robotics to work the machines would have to be intelligent enough for them to matter. They would have to understand what was living and what wasn't. While that could be done on some level, machines that work in factories are stupid. They are calibrated and programmed to run a specific routine, that is all. That is why there is a specific set of safety protocols that are used to maintain these machines, which appears to have not been followed in this case. It is unfortunate, and sad, but it was human error.

Comment Re:They should be doing the opposite (Score 1) 309

That can be a driving factor but even if they copyright expires publishing of said materials can still continue. There are plenty of free domain books that get sold by major publishers that make money. It's not like the money train has to stop once copyright has expired. Live performances of music and so on can generate lots of income.

The way that releasing copyright in a reasonable amount of time can help creativity is that people could use the beat track and write new lyrics. They could pull out samples and work them into other derivative works as well. Full covers could be done in a different tempo and style that would be new and exciting. As an example it's the same but totally different at the same time.

Locking in copyright over a long period of time can stifle creativity.

The problem with a short copyright on music is this though. You have a new and upcoming band who hasn't had a breakthrough. They produce an awesome song or sound and it's just not caught on yet. Some major label finds it after it's gone past it's copyright and hands it over to one of the artists they have commissioned they produce it and make millions while the original creator of the content is stuck with a thumb up their nose wondering why the hell do they even bother. In that sense a low copyright on music and other materials can be harmful to the creator. Cutting a good balance is hard, but 70 years is way too long and so is 50 for that matter. Something that would give a 20 year old a good shot would be nice, say 10-20 years somewhere in there. That would be good for everyone. New artists could use the material that basically influenced them as a kid and the artists music has usually ran it's course by then. 3 years is too short.

Comment Re:Why is bitcoin popular again? (Score 4, Insightful) 254

I think a lot of these problems are that it was an illegal market with people probably using a properly secured TOR connection so that they couldn't be traced. They got bored of what they were doing and said "HOLY SHIT, there's 12 million here, untraceable" so instead of the normal walk away, they took the money and walked away. You are going to run into this in any illegal venture, with untraceable currency, where the operator is unknown. Anyone shocked by this needs to give their head a shake. Don't drop a crap ton of money, to someone you don't know, who has no real incentive to help you out. You don't even need a regulatory body, just someone you can hold accountable. You are never going to get someone to hold accountable in a market like that because, well they will be held legally accountable as well.

Hilarious indeed.

Comment Re:Hoax (Score 1) 80

I agree it is useless, I wouldn't even say it's almost completely useless. I do see the appeal in doing it though, doing crazy hacks like that can be fun. So I would say it was for entertainment value. It is interesting to see that the Nintendo could handle any kind of video like that.

But yes very useless.

Comment Re:Hoax (Score 1) 80

I would say it was more of a proof of concept. The developers go into detail on how they were going to get the pi to stream, convert and write new frames to the cart.

It seems like it's quite possible with enough time you could do it, but why would you. They proved a concept and there's not much point in continuing really.

Comment Re:Yes, and? (Score 1) 178

You are right, you have to weigh the pro's and con's of it. My point was more on par with that there is a need beyond illegal activities when it comes to online transactions and bitcoin. Most use case scenarios people would still be using credit card or something with similar features. Credit Card companies are awesome at charge backs and fraud cases.

Comment Re:Yes, and? (Score 1) 178

I would say that illegal activity is a large part of it, but I do think it serves an important purpose. If everyday buying of bitcoins wasn't more expensive than using my credit card on a website(try buying bitcoins online it's expensive) I would be all over it. Private transaction without the worry of someone stealing my credit information. Someone online can only fleece me out of what I put in without linking to an account with a credit card of bank account attached. There are other options in this area though. Also while I'm not into illegal activities I don't necessarily want people tracking my every movement online.

Say if I had wanted to donate money to wikileaks back when credit cards were rejected. I'm not doing anything illegal by support that site but my credit card wouldn't be accepted. Paypal will hose you on anything if you aren't careful just look at what happened to Notch when minecraft started pulling in mad cash.

I don't want to be limited just because someone THINKS I'm doing something illegal.

Comment Re:The problem is ... (Score 1) 671

The real problem is, is that his whistle blowing makes him a traitor. It shouldn't, what he did was a service to the people and country. Those that wish to prosecute him and hang him are only doing so because the cat got out of the bag. The government should never have been doing a vast majority of what they were doing. His whistleblowing was justified and if he's a traitor to the U.S. it's a travesty.

Comment Re:As long as it is not an official power rangers (Score 2) 255

If I recall a lot of those star trek fan fiction and even the season 5 had the go ahead from Gene's estate to continue them. Though I do believe Paramount still holds a lot of the copyright and trademark they seem to have given the approval as long as they don't make a profit. That's their call though, it's my understanding that Paramount could put its' foot down and end it at any time and they would have to just walk away.

So why do they allow it? Because it's good for the fan base. It helps breed a culture of die hard fans and feeds their need for content. If they wanted to do a reboot of the series with darker tones it could be damaging to their brand as well. Though I think the creator said specifically they didn't want to.

This is a high quality short that I could see the originator being pissed about because it's not what they want power rangers to be. Unless they can figure out how to stand on the parody but I think that's a flimsy defense.


Comment Re:Not Censorship (Score 1) 285

I know what censorship means, I can self censor I can censor someone else I can do all those things and have it not be illegal.
This is censoring pornographic material on googles web platform. It's just not illegal, evil or anything. It's a policy change.
It's minor news and those affected have had warning to move along.

Comment Re:Read the EULA... the lawsuit has no merit. (Score 3, Insightful) 114

It's not so cut and dry though. This has gone through the courts multiple times and EULA have been enforced and not enforced multiple times. It seems to depend on more of which court you take it to. Now the issue here isn't only things that would be covered by the EULA. If it were this would be mildly interesting, the meat of it is the fact that they also are talking about leaving computers/users open for attack and damaging the equipment and hurting people(not physically obviously). It's really interesting, and I wonder if a company can be held liable for poorly written software like that. If they can be held liable who's responsible? Lenovo for probably taking some money to put this on their computer or komodia for having shitty security and poor design.

If this goes for the people filing I wonder if it will have a positive affect and make manufacturers think before they do something like this in the future.

Does anyone recall what happened with the Sony Rootkit deal?

Comment Re:Bogus Troll (Score 1) 128

Theoretically this patent covers the ability to insert and remove the display from the headset, as well as detection of the display so that it can switch into HMD mode. I'm not saying it's new tech or that they deserve the patent but it is unique from the VR and older HMD headsets that I'm familiar with that have it built in. I'm not sure if this would cover other ways of inserting the display and if there are loopholes to get around it but that's what it is.

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