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Comment Re:Trouble turning a profit? (Score 1) 306

They are also working on developing their own self driving cars which is probably sucking up a lot of their potential profits. To say that they are unprofitable is true but a little misleading... if all they were doing was running the business instead of expanding into other business' (they could wait for google to develop the self driving cars and then buy a fleet of them) they would probably be making quite a tidy profit...

Comment Re:Good for repeat purchases though (Score 1) 102

This is a good point, I bet a lot of people buy movie tickets on their phones compared to desktop. I would bet it has a higher percentage of mobile app buyers than most things but they really do streamline it either by saving your billing info or letting you use alternate payment systems like applepay or google wallet.

Comment I worked on a retail iOS App (Score 4, Interesting) 102

The experience I had at a retail shop was that tons of people would browse on the iphone using mobile web but nobody would buy there. People would buy on the desktop web, but when given the choice of buying through the app instead of the mobile web (which included a much easier checkout flow with card scanning or applepay/paypal options) they definitely were more than willing to purchase on their phones. The conversion rate for the app was considerably higher than even the desktop web conversion rate (far fewer casual browsers).

I think its possible to get people to buy on their phones but it has to be seamless and typing into web forms is not desirable.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

My trucks tank isn't even 20 gallons. Look, gas has a huge energy capacity per gallon and transferring a liquid into a tank is very quick. Its unlikely we will get EV charging down to that level in the near future. The question is, is it worth taking an extra 10-15 minutes a few times a year that you are going over the range in order to not pay for gas the rest of the time. Certainly a salesman in their car all day would find it onerous but for me, who would probably only need to visit a charging station 5-6 times a year, it isn't really that big of a deal.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

how many people can haul a 4x8 piece of ply in their commuter car? I mean its a real use case for me, which is why I own a truck that I use rarely, but regularly enough during the year to be worth owning vs renting. Most people, however, drive to the home improvement store, rent one of their by the hour trucks to get your project load home and then return for your car... or more likely you just don't buy 4x8 sheets of anything.

Maybe one day I will have a plug in hybrid truck, but it will likely be a while before my truck needs replacing. In the meantime getting my household's commuter vehicle converted to electric probably makes sense.

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