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Journal Journal: Tag team karma whoring 2

I have a curious theory as to whether or not something occurs on slashdot. Well I am curious anyhow.

Step 1, the pitch. You have a pitcher, he makes an comment, preferably one that is modded up, that leaves himself open to a funny insult.

Step 2, the hit. The hitter takes this pitch and swings away, aiming for the rafters. He usually insults the parent post with a standard geek stereotype or a play on words, usually both.

now this happens all the time, I'm curious if people plan it though, just to get modded up.
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Journal Journal: yes!

i just got moderated up to +5 funny for the first time ever. i suppose i'm very happy about this. all it took was to make a rather cliche joke. at least others though it was funny, whenever i post something that i think is funny i get modded down. how (double plus) good

Journal Journal: karma

hmm, my karma is terrible and no one bothers to read or mod my posts due to this. its a shame i forgot the password to my 4 digit account. oh well

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