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Comment Re:Astrotrufing anyone? (Score 1) 266

I don't think airlines care about wifi and bluetooth, I mean I've never heard them ask people to make sure they keep their wifi off when everyone has a laptop.


The second ones say up to 30 hours of battery. The first are 22 I think.

Comment Re:For certain values of "basic needs" (Score 1) 1116

Obviously, because we're not discussing the number of crappy physicians in the USSR. We're discussing the role financial reward plays in the creation and/or development of smart and ambitious people in the context of the effect a basic income guarantee would have on modern society.

Comment Re:For certain values of "basic needs" (Score 1) 1116

Sigh... such a communist mentality. It's why the USSR paid medical doctors the same as laborers. Did they get more good doctors? No. They got crappy doctors, since the smart, ambitious people weren't motivated to spend all that time and effort to be competent MD when common laborers earned the same amount.

Sorry I need to call you out on this. People took pride in their jobs. A lack of money doesn't stop people from being smart and ambitious. Unless you're the entrepreneur type of smart and ambitious rather than scientist kind, I'll give you that. Although even then you could argue that people would just chase power rather than money, because for the truly ambitious money is just a means to power. Social standing depended on more than money then, it depended on character and class (because everyone was poor anyway.) Also you should realise just because the best and brightest didn't make didn't make millions of dollars doesn't mean that there weren't huge perks that came along with it, both social and financial.

From this perspective the "Eastern Block" is much worse now. Scumbags, thugs, crooks and politicians makes millions while doctors make $500 per month. At least back then the elite doctors, scientists, and engineers got to live in the best apartments and go to all the fancy parties. Not anymore.

One of the big problems with these systems wasn't the lack of reward for effort, it was that loyalty to the system was rewarded more highly than performance which is indeed demotivating. But this condition is not unique to socialist or communist systems. It happens everywhere. When was the last time the Western world had a real fucking leader?

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