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Comment Re:Why not a survey? (Score 1) 381

Your memory sounds about right. For what it's worth, Dedekind constructed the real numbers starting from the empty set in the late 1850s, so that aspect of it has a lot of history. Knuth's book presented Conway's construction of the surreal numbers, which extend the real numbers with true infinities and infinitesimals.

Comment Insufficient cushioning (Score 1) 130

Given that the article does not say tidal forces CAUSE quakes, this cushioning is completely unnecessary.

Given that the title under which the article was posted to /. is "The moon's gravitational pull can trigger major earthquakes, says study", the cushioning was not only necessary but inadequate.

Comment Re:So this is Russia answer to the ,, (Score 1) 256

Either it deploys from orbit, in which case the missile has to survive reentry, while not a huge problem there is a problem that it'll be effectively blind while doing so. making it a really easy target for interception.

So? ICBMs also have to go through reentry. And the B stands for ballistic: they're not intended to do complicated dodging. Is there any reason why MIRVs wouldn't be as successful an anti-interception strategy for orbitally launched missiles as for submarine-launched ones?

Comment Re:Yet another example of EU overreach (Score 1) 89

I guess you don't know that in the British parliament members from different parties are elected, and then those people select the prime minister?

Nonsense. In the British parliament members from different parties are elected, and then the monarch invites someone who she thinks can command the support of a majority of them to be PM.

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