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Comment Re:What happened to the 50 million climate refugee (Score 1) 321

They're never called on their (many) mistakes, shitty science and deplorable conduct towards climate realists. Too sexay of a story for the media to endlessly, unquestioningly repeat. There's too much government money involved and the climate is being used as a political weapon. Unlimited taxpayer funds buys tons of PR. Biggest. Scam. Ever.

Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 1) 725

Yes, because those who question the "science" behind CAGW hysteria are obviously Moon landing "deniers" also. Obviously. Hey, come to think of it, isn't there a discredited, nonsense paper about just that?

I now await your thoughtful flinging of insults and attempts to take a big shitty dump on the website I just linked to because it's "funded by big oil and stupid science denier people who want to destroy the planet". Please don't disappoint me.

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