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Comment Re:Professional journalists? (Score 1) 177

Much of the problem of course is that entities like CNN (which is 90% opinion-spouting, speculation, lady gossip and editorializing) provide a handy platform and amplification for attention-seeking political operatives and agitators because it causes conflict and controversy and thus drama! Which they think sells more eyeballs. "America's Most Trusted News Source", or whatever their tag line is, is a farce.

Comment Re:Poor study, this is welfare (Score 1) 496

"two single people living together get 2*17,000 = 34,000 a year, while if they marry they get 24,000 a year"

Well, obviously, "married" will be *ahem* redefined, and the government will have to carefully monitor recipients to ensure that two 17K-ers aren't actually living together and getting more money than they should. With today's surveillance capabilities, this should be simple.

And what happens if someone's caught doing this? Suspension of funds? Jail? Forced labor?

Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 0) 277

CO2 is not a problem. How many trillions of taxpayer dollars have to be spent in order to *maybe* reduce so-called global average temperatures by a few fractions of a degree in, say, 30 years? And that "reduction" in temperature would be (if it even happens) within the margin of error of the measuring devices.

Since climate is always changing, which is more desirable - colder or warmer?

Comment Re:It'll get better, maybe someday (Score 2) 444

Remember that most of the countries where work is outsourced to are big on (often dubious) 'credentials' and are rarely cultures where asking questions is encouraged. Not to mention traditional corruption levels in those countries (but I suppose the west is catching up in that regard). Hey - Technology and Cultural Transfer / Exchange is a good thing, isn't it?

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