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Comment Re:The blame can be shared (Score 1) 680

"hottest years on record"

For how long have we had relatively accurate temperature measurement? Anything before that is proxy. And "hottest" by how much - tenths of a degree while we emerge from an ice age? After data-fiddling from selected sources? CO2 output up over the past 20 years and temperatures are stable. Game over, now let's stop throwing money away on this taxpayer-funded hysteria.

Comment Re:Y'know... Actually... (Score 0) 680

Well, they do willfully ignore any and all evidence that contradicts their hypothesis. And there's too much (taxpayer) money, virtue-signalling and too many opportunities for false moral superiority personal attacks to let go. Some people get a kick out of abusing others and if you can do it with government support, all the better!

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