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Feed Robot, Yeast Combo May Mean More Ethanol (

Scientists with the Agricultural Research Service, are excited about the latest member to join their team: a one-armed robot. They expect it to speed studies aimed at harnessing the power of proteins for industrial uses, such as making fuel ethanol from fibrous corn stover.

Submission + - Fixing the IPv6 dilema

jd writes: "In an attempt to attract more people to using IPv6, a New Zealand group is offering free porn to those with access to an IPv6 tunnel or connection. This may or may not work, considering that the country involved has a hundred times as many sheep as humans, which may create a degree of scepticism over what exactly is on offer."

Submission + - Student Database Misused?

pin_gween writes: The Washington Post reports on the probable abuse of a government (go figure) database: the National Student Loan Data System. The database was created in 1993 to help determine which students are eligible for for financial aid. Students' Social Security numbers, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and sensitive financial information such as loan balances are in the database, which contains 60 million student records and is covered by federal privacy laws.

Advocates worry that businesses are trolling for marketing data they can use to bombard students with mass mailings or other solicitations. "We are just in shock that student data could be compromised like this," said Nancy Hoover, director of financial aid at Denison University in Ohio.

The department has spent over $650,000 in the past four years protecting the data. However, some senior education officials are advocating a temporary shutdown of access to the database until tighter security measures can be put in place.

Feed Enhancing Chemotherapy's Efficacy: New Agent Has Synergistic Effect With Standar (

Integrating the use of drugs targeted to specific cancer proteins into current chemotherapy regimens to improve the efficacy of systemic treatment is an important clinical goal. A new chemical agent, MCP110, has been found to have a synergistic effect both in vitro and in vivo when used with current chemotherapy drugs such as taxanes (Taxol and Taxotere) and vinca-alkaloid compounds such as vincristine.

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