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Comment Re:Translation: (Score 3, Informative) 99

No they haven't, read the description of their implementation.

No thanks, I would rather read their actual implementation (ie open source). The only way you can even begin to trust such a communications system is if it is open source and you can build the client from the provided source. Insert oblig reference to Ken Thompson's "Reflections on Trusting Trust" here. At any rate, the description of the implementation is not the implementation itself.

Comment Re:phone numbers are transient and disposable (Score 1) 188

I'm assuming that you don't live in the USA and that you don't work in IT. Both apply to me. This is not as easy to do as you claim for a lot of us. First of all, while you can buy SIM cards in the USA, it's difficult. US mobile telephone service isn't really setup to work this way. Everybody expects you to sign a contract with a carrier for a certain number of years. Just walking down to some local electronics store and buying a SIM card off the shelf is not at all how things work in the USA. You have to go to carriers to get SIM cards here and those aren't really setup to be pay as you. You can do that sort of thing if you're willing to use crap disposable phones like with Tracfone, but not so much if you actually have a good phone.

I'm assuming that you don't live in the USA either, because your facts are way out of date. I just ordered a couple of new SIMs off of Amazon yesterday to swap out on phones.
Here are a couple of examples.

Comment Re:Why are we still using Human Pilots? (Score 1) 441

War is not something that should be automated, we need to retain the potential of real losses to restrain our desire to engage in war.

More specifically, we need to retain the potential of real losses of members of the policy and decision maker's families. Their children should be just a likely as any other citizen's to be drafted and put in harm's way carrying out our foreign policy. When it might be their sons or daughters coming home in flag draped coffins, maybe they will at least pause for a second to consider all of the options.

Comment A quote from ... (Score 1) 47

"the average data breach cost has grown to $4 million, representing a 29 percent increase since 2013.. 'The amount of time, effort and costs that companies face in the wake of a data breach can be devastating, and unfortunately most companies still don't have a plan in place to deal with this process efficiently,"

said the guy who wants to sell you a service.

Comment Re:THREE HOUR DELAY ? (Score 1) 1718

Certainly I understand the patrons can do little. The police, especially SWAT ought to be slightly more courageous. At least, they ought not be drunk. Of course assessment needs to be done, but continued fire and wounded victims indicates urgency. I would expect multiple-point breech (rip firedoors off) in about one hour.

I'm sorry if I missed it earlier in the discussion, but your qualifications for hostage rescue operations planning and execution are what exactly? XXX numbers of hours playing CounterStrike? I thought so.

Comment Re:1st programming. self taught basic in 1976 (Score 1) 515

When our school finally got a computer with a screen, it was always snowing. I remember...programming was uphill. Both ways...but we were happy back then. Kids these days don't know how good they've got it.

Was your computer coal fired too like ours was? I remember going in early on Thursdays because it was my day to shovel coal.

Comment Re:On an ALWAC IIIE (Score 1) 515

Yours probably gets "first program" awards. My first was 1967 on an IBM 1401. Submit your FORTRAN card deck and come back in a few hours to see if it actually compiled. The good part is a life time habit of "desk checking" -- not for compile errors any more, but for logic errors. After all these years the code I check in tends to work right.

I recall the "good old days" when everything was batch. When submitting your program and getting the results required two trips to the computing center and were spaced at least 4 hours apart you desk checked the hell out of everything. That habit has never faded for me either.

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