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Comment Re:Would most people be better off undiagnosed? (Score 1) 329

Would most people be better off undiagnosed? When it comes to mental "illness", often the only (or at least the best) treatments are behavioral therapy, in which the "illness" is trained away.

I'm sure you posted the above in good faith so I've deleted my original knee-jerk response to your comment. Instead, let it suffice to say that behavioral therapy is only appropriate, suitable or relevant for a very small percentage of patients that fall under the encompassing umbrella-term of 'mental illness'. One does not train away the illness of what we currently label as Schizophrenia, Major Depression or Bipolar Disorder.

Comment Yeah and the moon is made out of green cheese. (Score 5, Informative) 450

What the hell kind of ignorant, 6th grade, piss-ant research article is this?

Of course, this comes from the same man (Varun Dubey) who said:

"XP is such a joy when it comes to simply connecting a device and watching the pretty little bubble detecting it and saying "its installed and ready for use" makes the slightly high price absolutely worth it. In Linux, you have to recompile a kernel if you want to so much as change your modem! Give me a break guys, Linux is light years behind Windows XP and I am sure it will be further back biting the dust when Longhorn (now Vista) comes out."


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