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Submission + - Probable block of Google in Turkey

pimpimpim writes: CNN Turkey (google translate) reports an article in today's Turkish newspaper "Vatan", on the pursuit of the Atatürk Thought Association "Atatürk Düünce Dernei (ADD)" to block google. Reason would be that google makes available webpages that insult Atatürk. Youtube was recently blocked in Turkey, so changes exist that the same could happen to google. The only practical result of the youtube block was that the turkey public now uses special programs and websites to circumvent the block.

Couldn't find an english article, but here is a German summary.

Journal Journal: IT a big air polluter

An audit of the carbon output of Australia's IT suggests the industry generates as much atmospheric pollution as aviation and steel industries.,24897,22254993-15306,00.html

IT and communications produced 2.84 per cent of total national emissions excluding transport, with desktops computers among the biggest contributors to IT's carbon footprint.

Australian Computer Society president Philip Argy said;


Submission + - How do I become a business?

TheGreatOrangePeel writes: "So, back at the end of January, I took a friend up on his offer to grab some of his unused bandwidth and started up my very first real website. It's been slow going with a false start or two and one incident where I had the joy of being hacked. All that is said and done with; I've plugged my security hole and things have been running smoothly (on my part, at least) for a few months now. Smoothly enough, in fact, I'm about to turn my first, albeit small, profit and my growth continues to exceed my minimum goals. As long as this trend continues, the idea of registering as a business next tax season becomes more and more enticing. But this drops a lot of questions out in front of me. What kind of business is appropriate for a single owner/operator? An LLC sounds like a likely choice to offer myself legal protection, but I'm really not certain what else might be more appropriate for me. There also are a lot of companies and websites out there ready to set me up as business complete with logos, trademarks and copyrights and while, to my own surprise, I feel comfortable with one of them, It wouldn't surprise me if they're some kind of scam and I'm wondering if I wouldn't do better to flip to someplace in the yellow pages. I guess my overall questions are these: At what point does it make the most sense to become a registered business, what kind of business should I be, what kind of legal service should I seek to become a business and handle any future trademarks and copyrights, how much should I be ready to spend on such services, and what am I overlooking?"

Submission + - Getting supercomputers on the cheap (

jbrodkin writes: "You don't need Ivy League-type cash to get a supercomputer anymore. Organizations with limited financial resources are snatching up IBM supercomputers now that Big Blue has lowered the price of Blue Gene/L. Alabama-Birmingham and other universities that previously couldn't afford such advanced technology are using supercomputers to cure diseases at the protein level and solve equally challenging problems. IBM lowered the price of its Blue Gene/L supercomputer before releasing a more powerful model known as the Blue Gene/P last month. Sales of Blue Gene/L have more than doubled since then, bringing supercomputing into more corners of the academic and research worlds."

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