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Submission + - Probable block of Google in Turkey

pimpimpim writes: CNN Turkey (google translate) reports an article in today's Turkish newspaper "Vatan", on the pursuit of the Atatürk Thought Association "Atatürk Düünce Dernei (ADD)" to block google. Reason would be that google makes available webpages that insult Atatürk. Youtube was recently blocked in Turkey, so changes exist that the same could happen to google. The only practical result of the youtube block was that the turkey public now uses special programs and websites to circumvent the block.

Couldn't find an english article, but here is a German summary.

Submission + - Hard-drive intrusion law passed in Germany

pimpimpim writes: (in german) reports that in the german state Nordrhein Westfalen an "anti-terror" law has been passed that will allow the intrusion of personal hard-drives over the internet by law enforcement. Probably this will be done by the use of trojans, that are to be developed by "police hackers".

No political party performed any significant opposition against the law, it appears that only one single person will try to stop the law on grounds of being unconstitutional. This can only happen after the law has been officially published and added to the state laws.

It seems that the people of Nordrhein Westfalen got a Christmas present they'll never forget, it will probably not take long before the record and movie industry will start asking for court orders and stop the "copying terror". And who knows who will legally spy on your harddisk next.
Input Devices

Submission + - Optimus mini three on sale

pimpimpim writes: Vaporware no-more! The Optimis mini three is out! The first batches reached the people at art studio lebedev and real photo's are now available as well. A short hands on review can be found at gizmodo. The cute little thing is now for sale at thinkgeek. Many people thought that the company was never able to create a keyboard like this, as they until now only were able to show nicely photoshopped pictures, but they overlooked that the firm is actually the biggest russian design studio, and have made a lot of technical functional products already.

I personally don't have the money for that, but might consider the tetris kitchen magnets or nice smiley cushions from the same studio to my still my hunger for more reasonably priced geek stuff.

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