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Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 148

I originate from the northern part of Amsterdam, where it is common behaviour to shout these things over the mobile phone or loudly discuss it with your friends, especially while in public transport. Seriously, some time ago the whole bus was informed about whether or not one of the girls should have an abortion or not. Privacy, who gives a shit anymore.

Comment Re:Move to Finland (Score 1) 835

Universities in Germany are also quite Linux-friendly. Most IT websites about e.g. WiFi login info will give you the linux instructions too. If they ever get the chance to install Linux themselves, they'll use SuSE, because of its German roots. That wouldn't necessarily be my first choice ;) But I'm glad I get preinstalled linux on my workstation anyway. The good thing is that universities at this side of the ocean don't depend so much on donations from / contracts with industry. And as far as they do, the industry is more likely to be a local one and not Microsoft or Apple. Unfortunately however, lovely SAP is a local industry :p

Comment Re:Rubbish. Users need to learn (Score 1) 214

Android proves you can do it differently. Every app comes with a list of things it needs access to, you can judge by yourself if you want that. The 'tech savy' users can select the 'install also non-market apps' option in the configuration menu and install anything they meet.

A G1 without simlock can be bought at Amazon for 300 eur now, I bought it there, I didn't need to "root" my phone, I can install what I want.
So, my Phone is a bit bulkier than the iPhone, but it has an actual keyboard, it can do SSH via connectbot, I use a laptop-umts sim card, so I can legally use it as a modem via Proxoid.

I have a bit of doubt concerning privacy of the tie-in of my mobile phone behavior and my browsing behavior, but I have absolutely no regrets for skipping the iPhone and not going the Jobs way here.

Oh, and you can swap the battery yourself.

Comment Re:The Catch (Score 1) 359

I have no mod points, and you're an AC anyway, but that's a pretty good comment.

Makes me wonder... Wasn't MS supposed to have the best marketing department ever? What happened to it?

BTW as far as the blue screen jokes go, they're pretty old and unnecessary. Windows' main problem these days is not stability, it's about getting a f-ing clue on what people actually want from an operating system. Seems like they're steadily sailing in the wrong direction.

Comment Re:So this (Score 1) 295

And as a side advantage, you can drop in 15 mins late at the cinema and still be on time for the movie! In germany they even turn on the lights between the last ad and the start of the movie and sell ice. Some sort of long-standing tradition, I suppose.

Now what is bad is commercials inbetween movies on tv. I'd really rather pay to rent a dvd then to spend twice as long watching the movie, and seeing the same commercials over and over again. I get so very tired!

Comment 2009, and still we need a bloody dongle (Score 1) 185

My suggestion for the series: classic smartphone design mistakes: on the t-mobile g1, you need a humongous dongle with two mini usb slots (one for power, one for a headset), and two normal headset jacks. And with the battery life of the g1 you need to connect it to a loader as much as you can... Just search for htc yc a300 to see how ugly it is...

Comment Re:Oh BS (Score 1) 141

I'm not even bothering to read TFA. If it's content even closely resembles the title of this topic, it cannot be anything else but bull. Probably about 99% of all current big internet services has started out as a small OSS project on as cheap servers as possible. As soon as you grow big enough, you'll do the hardware in-house. A good friend of mine started by himself two years ago and is now making his living (and paying others) out of selling python-based services on virtual servers. That is in essence what the cloud is about, and the best way to do this kind of stuff is using license-free software. No startup will even think about paying per-cpu license costs for software, let alone have the money for it. Closed source is dying, and they know it.

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