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Comment Re:Which media company would refuse to stir up shi (Score 2) 514

Sure, it's an appalling idea, but can we wait until it's an actual plan before pouring out the vitriol?

So, we should wait until the actual contracting stage to express indignation? The fact the other companies didn't unanimously and immediately shit-can this idea says more bad things about America than burning a flag could ever accomplish.

Comment "This is the one you want to protect" (Score 3, Interesting) 151

And that is -the- reason to build an O'Neill colony.

In order to build it and make it work, it is necessary to understand an ecology, deeply and comprehensively. Mistakes will be made and what better place to make a mistake than a totally artificial habitat? The first of the experiments (actual experiments, not "I read the journals" studies) was BioSphere, and that didn't work out so well.

So what was the motivation to fix BioSphere? Not much, really. Easier to walk away muttering "That was bad, dude."

With a colony, the colonials are most mighty motivated to fix the darn thing. If technology needs to be developed, it will be developed. If new principles need to be learned, they will be learned.

And for all of you "This is a nutty idea" I have a few short words. New World. Panama Canal. Washing Hands.

Nutty ideas have a way to become decidedly un-nutty.

Comment Re:If they think it's viable... (Score 1) 186

How about you stop wasting MY taxpayer money on this boondoggle...

With that mindset we never would have had railroads or the interstate highway system. We all contribute and then make a collective decision about the best use of the money. I'm one of the people who votes we spend the money to go to Mars. Not because I benefit, but because we all benefit.

That's life in a democracy. If you don't like it, move.

Comment It's got to be better than Maps (Score 1) 52

Driving back from Miami using Google Maps, it would show us where traffic was slow...once we got there. But show us congestion in time to choose an alternate route, no way!

My wife was mocking the app. "Traffic is slowing down now," she prompted. Thanks, hon, I never would have noticed traffic conditions out the window.

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