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Comment Re:If they think it's viable... (Score 1) 186

How about you stop wasting MY taxpayer money on this boondoggle...

With that mindset we never would have had railroads or the interstate highway system. We all contribute and then make a collective decision about the best use of the money. I'm one of the people who votes we spend the money to go to Mars. Not because I benefit, but because we all benefit.

That's life in a democracy. If you don't like it, move.

Comment It's got to be better than Maps (Score 1) 52

Driving back from Miami using Google Maps, it would show us where traffic was slow...once we got there. But show us congestion in time to choose an alternate route, no way!

My wife was mocking the app. "Traffic is slowing down now," she prompted. Thanks, hon, I never would have noticed traffic conditions out the window.

Comment Think about it (Score 3, Insightful) 280

We got to the top of the food chain by being the grand champions of the solar system at killing shit. We're so good at killing things that we pass laws against slaughtering animals to keep us from wiping them out. The Dodo Bird and Carrier Pigeon are examples of species we've exterminated and we nearly killed off a bunch of others.

It makes sense to guess that the dominant species on other worlds got to the top of the food chain because they're also the most skillful killers. It's wishful thinking to suppose that a more technically advanced civilization would be more peaceful and tolerant. Just like it was wishful thinking for the Aztecs to give the Spanish gold and hope they'd go away.

He's right. We should be careful about broadcasting our presence around the 'verse.

Comment You can't be okay with this (Score 0, Troll) 271

Whatever Wikileaks was in the past, you can't be okay with them acting as a front for Russian espionage. Does anyone think for a second that the Russians are going to turn over emails they acquire illegally without editing the content? They're okay with hacking government and political party servers but they're going to be honest about what they turn over? Not a chance.

This isn't just hackers run amok. If it's state sponsored this is bordering on an act of war and Wikileaks is party to it.

Comment Then there's the Russians (Score 1) 306

There's also that matter of cooperating with a foreign power committing espionage in an effort to influence an election in the U.S. We're supposed to trust that the Russians haven't altered any of those emails? When the source is a foreign intelligence service, that makes Wikileaks a tool.

Comment Conservatives are professional complainers (Score 1, Insightful) 236

I know conservative publications make a living by complaining about the president, but fabricating something new to be offended about every single day eventually leads to some really bizarre complaints. Like the $400 million payment to Iran that was part of a deal announced in January.

It's just not working anymore.

Comment Perspective (Score 4, Insightful) 177

That it takes $90,000 worth of equipment and then always doesn't work right is pretty darn impressive to me. Where I live a good 30 percent of drivers are too old to be behind the wheel and another 10 percent are functional alcoholics. Share the road with south Florida drivers long enough and you'll be begging for autopilot.

Comment Wow. Mix and Match -Anything- (Score 2) 170

So you can run Unity in Windows.

"Now it looks like you can even load Ubuntu's Unity desktop environment, making windows 10 look like Ubuntu."

First off, isn't that kind of like buying a Ferrari rag top and driving it around with reins and a buggy whip?

Second off, why on Earth would anyone want to inflict Unity on Windows. I don't much care for Windows, but have a heart!

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