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Submission + - RFID Chips in US Passports, 2008

philovivero writes: "Being a bearer of the new US passport with embedded RFID chip, I'm interested in details. So I went to do some basic research. I found out it's already been hacked, but that was two years ago. Terrorists can use it to kill you if you've got a particular passport on you, but that was, as far as I can tell, even before the passports were ever issued. The gov't is rethinking the RFID passport or, well, at least WAS rethinking it back in 2005.

Clearly, no rethinking was done. All these articles are woefully out-of-date, because here I am with an RFID-embedded passport. I can find no article that claims any of the security vulnerabilities were ever fixed. So now I'm interested in knowing more about how to protect myself from the terrorists which are so obviously trying to kill us right now (note the terrorist alert level: YELLOW!).

So I did more basic research. There's a 10-minute talk on how to disable gov't-issued RFID objects. If you can hear a single word being said in that video, you've got better ears than me. There's some guy who, as far as I can tell, is on drugs who almost shows you where the RFID chip is and hints at how you could disable it. No-one talks about how to shield the chip from evesdroppers.

Quite simply, I can find no information post-2006 that says anything about RFID chips in our government-issued identification documents. Did we just roll over and let this happen? Where are the myriad pages of information showing a passport dissected, or showing how you can protect yourself from the terrorists that are literally EVERYHWERE at ALL TIMES?! I'm afraid. My government isn't protecting me. How do I protect myself?"

Submission + - Microsoft Delivers Digg's Ads (

philovivero writes: "You've probably gotten a thousand submissions about this today, but I feel as an insider, I have extra insight. Not that I'll give you any, mind you. I'm kind'f not allowed to talk about it. But I will be able to authoritatively leave off the silly speculation that others might include.

So Microsoft contacted us a while back and offered to provide the advertising infrastructure for Digg. This is good for us, since now we get to focus our internal resources on new features to the site rather than monetising our traffic. I can't tell you what a relief that is. Oops. I just did.

I know Slashdotters aren't the biggest Digg fans, but it is a huge LAMMP (we will never forget memcached!) stack pushing out a bazillion bytes per second, so it's a cool geeky thing behind-the-scenes, even if you can't get into reading the stuff the masses find interesting. You gotta admit it's intriguing when Microsoft comes along and becomes part of it, no?

I hope you find the whole deal newsworthy. I could pepper this submission with links to the 40 or so major news organisations that covered this budding relationship, but we're Slashdotters. We can sort that ourselves, no?"

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