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Comment Re:Oceans (Score 0) 186

This was proven to be false, increased pH does not harm coral. Studies around Australia found that river sediment had a big impact to both coral growth and CO2 concentrations in the waters nearby the river deltas.

I believe the majority of the CO2 increase in the last century can be blamed on major dam projects reducing river sediment into the oceans. The Three Gorges dam finished and slowed river sediment from China in 2000-2002 before starting to generate electricity, right around the time the CO2 levels in the atmosphere in Hawaii peaked.

Comment Re:Jobs vs. Stuff (Score 1) 320

Nice theory, except the way you give money to the people who "lose" is through subsidies and industries that are subsidized don't require free trade to make money. So, your logic there is actually pretty contrarian.

There's no way to balance letting jobs leave the country and keeping the country employed unless there are new types of jobs being built that the country is progressing towards and thus not needing the jobs that are leaving the country.

Which brings us to the next farce; a college education for everyone that produces an over-educated and over-leveraged (high debt) workforce unable to pay it's bills.

Comment Re:And she gets away with it... (Score 4, Informative) 1010

I think some context needs to be made in this regard (government email servers). Bush 43rd had every staff member use a private email server to avoid breaking several laws they were suppose to be following but never got prosecuted either.

Politicians can do whatever they want unless we hold them to the laws governing them. Doesn't matter which party they are in.

Comment Re:Refuse to support Rust (Score 1) 131

Security is the most imporant aspect of a web browser. We are all opening files from someone else's computers, allowing scripts to run and connect to any number of other computers. Security is literally the only thing that should matter in a web browser.

Creating a renderer on a brand new immature programming language that has not been around the block long enough for anyone to find it's flaws is a plan for disaster. No way in hell I'd use a browser running on that.

Comment Re:Refuse to allow idiocy (Score 1) 131

How is C and C++ not mature? C has been around for over forty years, while C++ over thirty years ago. Both have literally hundreds of IDEs and libraries built for them, millions of programs written in the language and numerous platforms for compilation.

They are literally the definition of a mature programming language and you toss them out like they are not.

And what do you mean "non-standard features in compilers", if it's a feature in a popular, mature compiler, it's a damn standard isn't it?

Comment Re:Refuse to support Rust (Score 1) 131

There are these things called libraries, you know... standardized, regularly updated sets of code that provide a reliable platform of functions and features you do not have the experience or time to code yourself.

And then there are these things called Integrated Development Environments that put together libraries for you and give you pointers, wizards, GUI elements and such to help you build applications.

You do not need to build a new freaking language to avoid the pitfalls of being ignorant of how to program properly.

Comment Refuse to support Rust (Score -1, Troll) 131

I am getting tired of every god damn generation of computer science students making a new freaking programming language and forcing the world onto it.

I will not be using Servo and will refuse to use Firefox (my browser of choice) if they move over to it.

Build your damn software in a standard, mature language and stop wasting your time on new languages that have no purpose other than a bi-line on some PHD student's resume.

Comment Re:Single-level Security Model flaw (Score 1) 86

I disagree, the issue here is the fact the SMS is being managed by a third party.

If you want each factor of your security identity to be secure, you need to manage it yourself.

That means not using a free email account from someone else and using your own VOIP setup for SMS or audio confirmations.

The issue is not the technology, but allowing others to access the systems hosting your security mediums.

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