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Comment Re:Not the same (Score 1) 105

This is not a fair statement. Google and Facebook both still track you if websites have links to their sites or embedded functions (Adsense, logins, etc.). It takes a significant effort to avoid it (plug-ins, IP blocking, etc.), enough so that the average user is unlikely to do so.

Which is very similar to the issue with ISPs, where using Tor or a VPN would be the only way to hide your traffic from them.

I agree with the sentiment in the article. Online privacy should be made law in such a way that it affects all sources of abuse and not just targeting one or two major players.

Comment Re:Modern consumer solar (Score 1) 133

Price of solar is about $3 a kilowatt/hour. So, a 45kw system would cost roughly $135k before subsidies.

It looks like he lives in the United Kingdom, which has subsidies at install and for production that could have cut the costs down below $100k om 2015 or 2016.

Also, there's no telling if any of his numbers are remotely accurate either considering his position on the matter.

Comment Re:This is only half the problem (Score 1) 124

Nice opposite-extreme strawman, but no where did I suggest they setup their own email systems.

I stated that email addresses from free-email accounts should never be trusted (and should be automatically scored worse by anti-spam systems) and that anyone that wants a trusted email account for their primary email address should pay for it on a non-free-email account domain.

You want to eliminate spam, you get people away from using free-email systems where the majority of spammers hide now.

Comment Re: Easy fix (Score 4, Informative) 84

The thing is, as long as people pay for their own internet themselves, they're in complete control of what gets to connect to their wifi. So, even if all the water heaters on the market had IoT features, it's trivial to keep them offline and harmless. And should they ever come with their own connectivity solution that bypasses the users' router completely, well... it's always possible to encase it in a Faraday cage of some sort.

As for trusting manufacturer with IT security, that's not the only problem: even if they're serious about it and actually qualified to secure your device properly, personally I'm more concerned about what they do with my data - how they snoop on my habits, how they intend to misuse that data, or whom they intend to sell it to.

If there's a buck to be made, company won't even consider moral or ethical use of the data they collect. That's the only thing you can bet on with big data.

Comment Re:I don't care (Score 4, Insightful) 193

Even if you do like kids, bringing them to the world we have today isn't exactly a gift to them...

I know a great many youngster even today who deeply resent our generation's wasteful and selfish way of living, the consequences of which we left to them, and that they'll have to sort out when we're gone.

Comment As always (Score 2, Insightful) 193

At the age of 60, men who had children had almost two years more on their remaining life expectancy than those without, at 20.2 and 18.4 years respectively.

Correlation isn't causation.

Also, many of those who gain 2 years in life expectancy lose many more years of piece and quiet having to raise their brats.

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