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Comment Should not surprise anyone (Score 1) 105

As we all saw, Russia interfered with the free and open elections in Eastern Ukraine after the Putin lapdog Yanukovych fled into the arms of Putin when the people of Ukraine wanted closer, more open ties with the West.

Russia sent in its troops and armed its terrorist proxies who burned polling places, burned ballots, threatened anyone who tried to vote, tried to rig votes, and even bragged about doing all of the above by recording their goings on.

Considering the amount of groveling Trump is doing at Putin's feet for his own personal gain and has openly asked for the same foreign government to commit espionage on a U.S. citizen, it would be surprising if Russia wasn't trying to game the system. So long as Putin has been in power that has been the name of game in Russia: only those Putin approves are allowed to run for office.

That Russia is now trying to electronically influence U.S. elections only shows how desperate Putin is to have the sanctions lifted which are dragging his country down each day they are in place. As reported a week ago, Russia will literally run out of money by the middle of next year if sanctions aren't lifted. Supporting the terrorists in Eastern Ukraine and the Syrian regime is costing Russia money it can ill-afford to lose yet from all appearances, Putin is vowed and determined to drag Russia down with him. That is why they are attempting to interfere in U.S. elections.

Comment Re:elites pimping nostalgia (Score 1) 56

particularly Cold War nostalgia.

Since Putin is working on reconstituting the former Soviet Union by invading and attacking his neighbors and stealing their internationally recognized land, it would appear Putin is the one pining for the nostalgia of the Cold War.

This doesn't include his and his lackeys repeated comments about ready to use nuclear weapons or taking over the Baltic States since they were never "granted" their independence.

Don't stop the propaganda, comrade. You need to earn your daily vodka allotment since your economy is a wreck, the ruble is rubble and Putin and his oligarchs are stealing everything they can.

Comment This is what happens. . . (Score 4, Interesting) 192

when you're honest. Krebs doesn't pull his punches and the whiners of the world (i.e. those he lambasted for having low quality products or game play) don't like it and now they're being petulant two year olds.

Just goes to show the mentality of supposed adults. Especially the cowards who sit behind a keyboard and try to destroy the work of others because they didn't get their lollipop.

Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 275

traveling 16 light years to catch some squirrels seems pretty expensive.

Maybe, as we humans have done on numerous occasions, they've eaten all the squirrels in their immediate area and have to search further afield.

Also, if they do have FTL, 16 light years might be the same as you or I taking a short trip to the grocery store.

Comment Just saying (Score 4, Interesting) 132

I have yet to meet a file "sharer" who thought there was *any* perceived risk. Not audio, not video, not programs...

Seriously. Not one. Since the first digital days. That's anecdotal, but it's a whole lot of anecdotes, as in every adult and teen I've met in the last 40 years.

And speaking as a software developer that decided not to copy protect, threaten or prosecute, but did implement anonymous active copy / IP reporting over the net so I knew what was going on in terms of interest and activity, there have been hundreds of times the number of non-purchased copies of my various software products in use as compared to the number that were purchased during the sales lifetimes of those products.

There's no fear out there. I'm not sure there should be, either. Because the threat level is basically zero. And perhaps it should be, ethically speaking. Legally... well, the law is often wrong.

Comment Sounds good (Score 0) 132

The same should be done for everything. Obviously threatening people with jail hasn't stopped murder so we should offer legal alternatives to the criminals.

Theft is still ongoing so we should do the same.

Yes, let's continue to coddle criminals instead of making punishment so harsh, and following through, that common sense and civility is tossed aside in favor of allowing criminals to continue with their ways.

Comment Free doctor? lol (Score 1) 239

lol. Free doctor, eh?

Someone's been feeding you a line of propaganda.

You get incarcerated, if you're *lucky*, you'll see a doctor after a few months, and even then, probably only if someone beats you within an inch of your life.

The free medical care? Mostly myth, and absolute bottom feeder quality if you do get any. Too little, too late if it's serious.
The free food? Trust me, you don't want to eat it. Any of it.
The free room / roof? Sure. Complete with free beatings, rape, and deaf/blind guards. And an hour a day in the yard. Pick your power group.
The free education? Awful. You can't use it anyway, you're a felon. Start figuring out who and how to rob, because that's the only decent-paying job you can get hired for now.

Jails and prison in the US are hellholes, the inevitable fruit of the popular retribution-centric mindset combined with scare-the-populace political maneuvering. You approve, okay, that's your call but don't try to sell those places as poverty relief. There's no relief to be found. Of any kind.

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