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Comment Re:So, how long has the NSA had one? (Score 1) 189

OK, fair enough - I had forgotten about one-time pads. I really should have specified "all encryption based on multiplying two large primes," since that's the vast majority of commercially-significant encryption. I'm not even sure if there's a theoretical quantum attack on elliptic-curve algorithms or not.

Comment Re:How about SiliconDust HDHomeRun (Score 1) 536

The HDHomeRun works very well with Myth. That's how my system here works and it performs pretty much flawlessly (at least since I diagnosed and replaced a faulty network switch that was dropping packets at random, but not enough to cause a complete failure).

I do know you won't be able to play HD content with the original Xbox, though. I have Xebian on my original Xbox and tried using it as a Myth front-end for a while but it just doesn't have the horsepower for anything over DVD resolution.

I don't know about using dual-core Atom - if you meant just for the back end, that should be fine. If you want to play back HD content, I'm not so sure. My Atom-based netbook seems to do OK (just barely) with down-scaled (to the netbook's native 1024x600 resolution) HD, but I've never tried it with a bigger external monitor. It is presumably having to do the decoding and scaling before it displays the content and it does keep up most of the time. I seem to remember it stuttering a bit on high bit-rate streams. I can't really remember much, though, as I don't really use my netbook as a Myth front-end very much.

I have no idea what DLNA is, so I can't speak to that.

Comment Re:Window coating, which blocks signals (Score 1) 271

I lived in an apartment complex in the US that had windows like this. I only discovered it when I decided to try getting a satellite TV signal through the window. The complex didn't allow satellite dishes, but I had a south-facing window. I figured, hey, why not just put the dish indoors? Glass doesn't block 10/11 GHz signals! It worked great when the window was open, but closing the window caused 100% of the signal to be blocked. I eventually ended up making an insulated double-paned "window" replacement out of two sheets of acrylic with spacers to create an air gap and sealed it along the edges with foam tape. That didn't attenuate the signal noticeably and I had my satellite TV.

Comment BBS's were awesome (Score 1) 817

I hear ya on the whole BBS thing. The geographic proximity and subsequent real-life meetings was one of my favorite things about the scene back then. Most importantly, the local BBS scene was where I met the vast majority of my past girlfriends. Sure, I met my current girlfriend through the internet, but life is a lot easier when the girls you meet online live in the next town over vs. the next country over (my girlfriend's Canadian, I'm American).

Comment Cultural differences (Score 1) 569

I was surprised at how much your response here differed from many others, but then I got to the end of your post and saw you used the term "sticky tape." It made me wonder if you were British. Your home page link goes to a .uk site, so I'm guessing you probably are. Don't you think there's a good chance that there are significant differences in business culture between the UK and the US/North America?

Comment OK, now what does it do? (Score 1, Redundant) 183

I realize that this is Slashdot and a certain amount of technical knowledge is assumed, but I don't necessarily keep tabs on every little thing Google says or does. So would someone care to explain, even very briefly, what the hell the Wave protocol is for? Even a few words in a sentence in the summary would have been appreciated.

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