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Submission + - Scientists create bacteria with expanded DNA code (

perryizgr8 writes: Biologists have managed to create a bacteria with DNA made of the usual A-T, C-G plus an artificial third base pair, thus encoding more data in DNA.

"This shows that other solutions to storing information are possible and takes us closer to an expanded-DNA biology that will have many exciting applications — from new medicines to new kinds of nanotechnology," said Romesberg.


Submission + - 4.74 degrees of separation ( 2

perryizgr8 writes: Facebook Data Team has taken all the friends data of everyone on Facebook and analyzed it, finding out the shortest distance between every two persons. They can now confidently say that the aerage degree of separation between any two humans is 4.74, not six as previously claimed by various entities.
I'm a bit unnerved by the fact that any facebook employee can gain access to every user's data, privacy settings be dammed.


Submission + - Security Implications of ipad Breach (

perryizgr8 writes: "Seems like the full ramifications of the leak are just beginning to be realized:

What can be done with that secret ID? Quite a lot, it turns out. The IMSI is sent by the phone to the network when first signing on to the network; it's used by the network to figure out which call should be routed where. With someone else's IMSI, an attacker can determine the person's name and phone number, and even track his or her position. It also opens the door to active attacks—creating fake cell towers that a victim's phone will connect to, enabling every call and text message to be eavesdropped.



Submission + - Microsoft copies Wolfram Alpha with Kumo (

perryizgr8 writes: "So here's another rip-off by Microsoft. Paul Thurrott says:

Microsoft today revealed that its next generation Windows Live Search engine will be branded as Bing, confirming widespread rumors. The service, which is being tested under the codename "Kumo," will replace Windows Live Search later this year, Microsoft says. A public beta is expected June 3. Of course, Microsoft's search engine has never done particularly well in the market against entrenched competitors like Google and Yahoo!. So the software giant is recasting Bing as a "decision engine" rather than a general search engine, a service that help people make decisions with more confidence. And Microsoft has settled on a number of popular but more complex search types that it says will differentiate it from the competition. These include shopping, travel, news, health, maps, images and video.


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