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Submission + - New browser fingerprinting site launched

AnonymousCube writes: The University of Adelaide and ACEMS has launched a new browser fingerprinting test suite.
On the site you can see what data can be used to track you and how unique your fingerprint is.
The site includes new tests such as detecting software such as Privacy Badger via how social media buttons are disabled and CSS only (no JavaScript or flash) tests to get screen size and installed fonts.

Submission + - Systemd now kills processes when you sign out ( 4

walterbyrd writes: The initialization software systemd has now been integrated into most popular Linux distributions, including the latest versions of Ubuntu. But a change in systemd 230 alters the way Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems have worked for decades, and some Linux users aren’t pleased.

Systemd now kills processes when you sign out Thanks to a new change, systemd will automatically kill a user’s processes when that user logs out. Previously, it was possible to start long-running processes that remained running, even when you signed out. You could use the tmux, screen, or nohup commands to ensure that a process remained running. Systemd will now kill all those leftover processes to clean things up.

This change is being debated in Debian’s bug tracker, and on Fedora’s mailing list. On Fedora’s mailing list, systemd’s Lennart Poettering explained that systemd is designed to be “a process babysitter.” Red Hat’s DJ Delorie expressed why he and some other Linux users are frustrated: “It’s becoming a user nanny instead. I wish it would stop trying to enforce its ‘my way or the highway’ approach to system rules. I’ve been playing whack-a-mole trying to keep up with all the tweaks I need (assuming I can find them) to let me do what I want to do with my own machine.”

There’s a new secret handshake Of course, systemd provides a way to disable this behavior and keep processes running, if that’s what you want. To do this, a system administrator can set the “KillUserProcesses=no” option in systemd’s configuration file at /etc/systemd/logind.conf. Linux distributions could also choose to disable this systemd feature for all their users, which is what some Debian and Fedora users are asking for. In both cases, the feature would be disabled systemwide.

If just a specific user wants to run processes that are left alone by systemd, that user has to enable “lingering” for their account, with the systemd-run command preceding the tmux, screen, or nohup commands. So, if you end up using a Linux distribution with systemd 230 or newer that has this option enabled, you’ll need to run tmux, screen, and nohup commands in a systemd-specific way. It would make sense for these tools to become systemd-aware to negate this new secret handshake, but they aren’t, and users will therefore need to use this new workaround.

Submission + - SPAM: HP Elite X3 Review, Revolution in Mobility | Gadget Tested

GadgetTested writes: HP Elite X3 phablet is a huge device that offers to be an all-in-one phone to satisfy all your computing needs. Actually it is a window phone, although window phones have snail-paced rollout, limited application support as well as Microsoft’s unassuming cell phones. Now the Elite X3, wants to change all that with its new phablet, meant mainly for businesspersons.
The largish 5.96” phone sports some very good specs including n Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with a clock speed of 2.15GHz and DDR4 RAM of 4GB. This is because HP intended this phone to work in three distinct modes. Just as the Microsoft Lumia 950 as well as 950XL, it is possible to hook this device to an external monitor for you to enjoy the desktop experience. Apart from this, Elite x3 can be connected to HP's brand new, Wi-Fi controlled Mobile Extender laptop, whenever you require a mobile workstation.
The HP Elite x3 will impress anyone because it is loaded with specs as also multiple use cases, although it might have come a bit too late to save the flagging Windows 10 Mobile platform.

HP Elite x3 Design and Features
The HP Elite x3 is essentially a standalone handset, although it is too large to be termed a handset as it comes with a whopping 5.96” screen of 2,560 x 1,440 resolution. The display is even bigger than the 5.7” Nexus 6, as well as Samsung Galaxy Note 5. You’ll have difficulty in holding it with one hand. In spite of its massive size, it is almost all screen and minimal bezels. On the side, thin slivers are there, and the top and bottom has about 1cm to make enough room to house its Bang and Olufsen stereo speakers. The bottom speaker grille at the bottom has a pattern like an equalizer, adding an additional design element to its formal look.

The HP Elite x3 has dynamic colors and sharp contrast, thanks to its AMOLED panel that HP selected for its x3 functions. It is duly protected by Corning Gorilla Glass to withstand any number of scratches as well as accidental drops very well.+

The front and edges of the device are metal, with a polycarbonate rear. Like most enterprise devices, x3 has been created to be quite durable and even meets the 810G military spec. It is waterproof too to IP67, so it is protected from rain and occasional getting wet from a water faucet.+

The HP Elite x3's other specifications include a Qualcomm Adreno 530 GPU that is fully integrated with a Snapdragon chip, and paired together with an enormous 4,150mAh battery. As to storage it has a whopping 64GB of space. And talking about cameras, the Elite x3 is equipped with an excellent 16MP rear camera. Apart from this, the front facing camera boasts of an 8MP sensor to snap two images, and during Skype chats combines both into a well-balanced, image similar to HDR. However, what makes the HP Elite x3 real special is that by slotting the device into the USB-C dock to link it with a keyboard, mouse and screen, to gain a whole desktop experience.
The HP Elite x3 will impress anyone because it is loaded with specs as also multiple use cases, although it might have come a bit too late to save the flagging Windows 10 Mobile platform.

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Comment Re:Good on Them (Score 1) 242

And Apple already has their products sold by third party retailers. This whole condition is only if it wants to open an exclusive apple store. Also, your apples analogy won't work because apples are much cheaper than the iShit Apple is peddling. No way they can account for 30% of the value of goods. Also, you must understand that Indian government is not that big of an idiot. Apple must comply with the spirit of the law, not just the letter.

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