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Submission + - Hacking the Van Allen Belts (

perbert writes: From the IEEE Spectrum: Governments and businesses that regularly launch satellites into space have no appetite for the loss of millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. Neither will the general public stomach the loss of astronauts when a mishap occurs. With those things in mind, researchers are considering whether it’s possible to eliminate the Van Allen radiation belts, whose abundance of protons and electrons can damage spacecraft leaving or orbiting Earth. Should we zap the belts? Is it really necessary? What might the consequences be?

Comment Re:Already been done (Score 1) 248

Didn't they do this a few years ago, when they created the Africanized bee or "killer bees"? Well, by all means keep it up, what could possibly go wrong?

According to the article, they're working with Canadian bees. So---so long as the bees are kept away from the hockey games and alcohol---nothing will go wrong!

Comment Re:Try your Credit Union (Score 2, Interesting) 359

I second this idea. Not only are you supporting a locally owned business, but they're also supporting other locally owned businesses. And as a member, you can often get good rates for loans. Also, they're not responsible for all the financial woes in the USA. Well, OK, that last part is speculation, but it does sound good...

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