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Comment Re:HTC is my new favorite company (Score 1) 145

ATT shares part of the blame with respect to firmware updates, but samsung doesn't handle it well either. I remember the day after I purchased my captivate they had just released a firmware update which they basically forced you to install. Update went great, until it hard bricked my phone. To att's credit they replaced it the same day. Between that experience, the long wait to the next firmware update, the broken gps, and AT&T trying to charge be to tether my phone to use bandwidth I already paid for, I went to cyanogen. It is a pain in the ass to install on the captivate for several reasons, but aside from the shorter battery life was much happier with it.

Comment Re:HTC is my new favorite company (Score 1) 145

Seconded. I run CyanogenMod7 on a captivate, and think it is great, except for the horrible battery life. Mind you I have most of the features turned off and still the battery gets less than a days use, mostly idle time as well. I thought it may be the battery just going bad, so I temporarily flashed back to the samsung rom, and get several days when idle.

Comment Re:And the sad part is... (Score 1) 478

I believe the article you are referring to is this Despite Car and Driver considered to be a world renowned journal throughout all of academia, the study was not very thorough. Specifically, using only two test subjects for your test doesn't provide meaningful data.

Comment Re:Still a better prognosis? (Score 1) 521

Even so, if this "harmless form of HIV" does mutate back into the AIDS-causing variant and gives you the average 24 years to live after you've beat the cancer, you're cured of cancer but can't be intimate with your wife or husband or domesti^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H (fuck political correctness, let's just say SO) without infecting them. Is it really worth the cure?

That is a drawback. If only there was some device, resembling a balloon, that could be placed over a man's penis during intercourse to help prevent the transmission of STDs.

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