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Comment Re:Battery availability might be a concern. (Score 1) 328

Like I've explained in a previous post in much greater detail, the GPS of a Nokia phone (even with its free off-line Ovi vector maps) is almost completely useless without a data connection.

Then you have been misleading people.

I use my Nokia N85 when I go walking and it works very well. It doesn't even need a SIM card to be useful, let alone a data connection.

Combined with Trek Buddy and maps downloaded with Mobile Atlas Creator it is a competent alternative to a dedicated GPS unit.

However, no phone is as robust or waterproof as a purpose built device. Battery capacity is also a concern, though this can be alleviated by carrying chargers such as the Nexus Poerboost which can be recharged via USB or use standard AA batteries.

It should also be remembered that a GPS is a navigation aid, and does not negate the need for a map and compass, and the ability to use them.

Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 384

Bodington's is my favorite from the UK

Seriously, if Bodingtons is your favourite beer from the UK your taste in beer sucks. Or you haven't tasted any others.

And while I'm here, we have Bison in the UK too.

Also, your just plain wrong, of course, bacon is better in the UK, bread is better in the UK, pizza - well I don't care about pizza so you can have that if you like, but the rest is better in the UK.

Comment Re:Specialization is for Ants (Score 1) 623

That's a side effect of web programming. I worked for about five years on a pure java application. The only other language I used in all that time was a little bit of xml to set up the ant build. The end users loved it and it was easy to maintain.

My current project is a web application, and I have to know three or four different languages to get anything to work (depending on what you consider a language). There's no hope for any kind of end-to-end debugging or performance analysis. There are a lot more places for things to go wrong than the pure java environment and the final product isn't as smooth.

It all seems like a big step backward to me. But what the hell. They pay me by the hour.

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