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Comment Re:I for one welcome ... (Score 1) 197

What a load of junk.

Poor people are just as intelligent as rich people.

It costs less to put information online for free than it does to configure it behind a pay wall.

You sound like someone who went through an expensive education system and now you are provided with special benefits in life. And that you would contrive any reasoning to justify why it should continue to be this way.

Comment Re:Double standard? (Score 1) 1042 doesn't need to make nearly as detailed a simulation of the inside of planets or of the centers of stars.

Stars and insides of planets don't need to be constructed, they just need space and time to develop. It seems that their composition is a natural consequence of the initial conditions and a consistent set of rules applied over time. I think that is how we would imagine that this simulation has been run so far.


I agree with you, that AC has it's use and I like that it is available here. Especially since we both know, without a doubt, that big brother (government) is recording you. And also, because, as you mentioned, business is often withholding privacy in order to make money from you without properly informing or compensating you.

But you must also agree that AC is the worst part of Slashdot. Several user consistently post some crap that is clearly designed to offend someone and elicit further responses. Responses like this one I am writing and the post you just made. What a waste of time and space. All of which makes reading Slashdot a pain.

As a minimum, there should be a way for readers to shut off AC posts entirely. So that only posts with names behind them are shown. If her knows that there is such a thing, please let me know.

Comment Re:Cognitive Load (Score 1) 210

how can they verify that Apple99 and Opera56 both have a "p" as the second character, unless they stored "Apple99" in plaintext somewhere?

The user is prompted for the new password and also the original password to verify against the stored hash that they are the owner of the original and consent to the new password change.

It's not my system. But this is how it can be done without storing old passwords.

Comment Re:I am? (Score 1) 219

In similar news, another company refuses to make less money on a dying company business model, so it raises prices to cover subscriber loss.

People who watch subscription TV should realize that they will pay for company losses due to a shrinking market. And they should also know, that their Internet rate is going up because we are all paying for those same people to stream their favourite TV shows online.

My advice is to cancel your TV subscription now and figure out how to get your entertainment over the Internet. That or switch to digital OTA if is available in your area.

Comment Re:Community Moderation? (Score 1) 124

Moderation is censorship. Censorship is groupthink.

That's right. And what can you put on to youtube that offends no one? And if you are offended, it is easier to find people to give you support than if you are not offended.

I think Youtube is too tame as it is. The nature of Internet is that it is always my own choice to click and view content, I don't want other people with more moderate ideas to limit my experience.

Comment Re:This isn't news (Score 1) 87

... centralized control has been in place since the DNS system was put in.

A Tor Hidden service bypasses DNS. Set up a service and then tell your Tor service to provide it as a hidden service. You will get back an onion address. Give the onion address to anyone and the request will get through to your server box without DNS ever being contacted.

I think that the Tor network maintains a list of some sort to make sure onion requests get directed back to your server. But they do not have a mechanism for determining the difference between one onion server and another. So there is no way to reject some onion server and allow others.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 87

Tor hidden services do not require permission from the ISP. They do not even require permission from your own router. It looks like and acts like regular traffic which will not be blocked. Which means that if the users embraced tor, we could all run our own email and chat servers. Plus it would have the added side effect of an additional level of privacy.

Most computer support the Tor Browser and most phones support Orbot. It could be widely deployed and would be accessible by most client hardware today.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 87

The reason everyone moved away from decentralized things ... was spam everywhere, giant mesh networks will probably have the same problem.

If people really had their own servers/services hosted at home and they could easily white list the people they wanted to allow communication with, then there would be zero spam.

Maybe the idea that strangers should be able to contact you from a single common and global email address should disappear... and then the spam problem just solves itself.

Comment Re: My iPod Touch 6 Has This Flaw (Score 1) 204

In the article, the "expert" is seeing out of warranty products coming in with broken touch screens. Seems like Apple is responding to customers under warranty. I guess Apple customers should look closely at their warranty before buying a new phone and not buy their products if they expect the lifetime of their product to last much longer than that.

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