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Comment Pay-per-view (Score 1) 156

The one thing I really miss about the mailed disk version of Netflix was its recommendation system. It always recommended good movies that I never got to see. The reason why I continued to subscribe to Netflix was because of its recommendation system. I really wish they had everything, even if most movies were pay-to-stream.

Comment Re:Smells bullshitty (Score 1) 68

2^i is just the total number of combinations that a binary number of i digits can contain. They subtract 1 for the number "0" because that would represent no input food presented. What they found is that the number of "cliques" (N) required to identify between a number of "inputs" (i) is the same as if that brain had classified those items into a binary number.

Maybe soon discover that colour is processed in 24bit RGB

Comment Re:Trust (Score 1) 108

It is a book. The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell, first published in 1970.

The author has a nice piece written on Amazon (the link above). Scroll down to "Editorial Reviews - From the Author". He basically says that he rehashed things he found in other books at the NYC public library. It was a good basis to start with, but it shouldn't have been the finished product.

It sounds like you're talking about all those random text files that have been in circulation for decades. Most of those are junk too, written by people who barely have a grasp of the subject material. I used to really enjoy reading them, and as my real-world experience grew, I realized how many of them were worthless noise.

Comment Re:Sounds legit (Score 1) 126

It does not sound reasonable at all. Why would a user specifically shut off an app just prior to wanting to use it? If a user shuts down a program, then the program should not continue to operate just in case the user did not mean to shut it down.

I cannot think of any reason why a user should expect a program to operate while it is turned off. But I can think of many reasons why that user SHOULD complain when the app continues to operate after it was told to stop.

Comment Re:$15-$18 million of real money or FIFA money? (Score 1) 149

This argument is nuts. If I write a chess app that allows illegal moves, is it really a game of chess just because I claim it was intended to be played that way?

A program is defined by what it does. If the designers did not want to have the game accept the outcomes of matches that did not occur, then they should have stated that in the "API rules"... if they exist. But if the designers had even considered this, then why didn't they write code to prevent it from occurring? It seems obvious that they never really considered this usage and therefore had no intent for it to be used one way or the other.

Hate the game not the player.

Comment Re:rofl (Score 1) 170

38 licenses ... Then why did they buy more than one?

In large companies they may have hundreds of computers but only tens of licenses. The license server monitors and limits the number of running instances of the software to remain within the number of purchased licenses. The idea is to purchase enough licenses to cover the max total number of users at all times. I don't know if they did this, but the logic seems reasonable.

Comment Re: No beeping please (Score 1) 361

why don't we mandate that all pedestrians wear a noise emitting gizmo around their nec?

Cars could emit a silent short range signal and pedestrians could wear devices with speakers or headphones that provide engine noise or warnings based on your relative position and danger to contact the moving car.

In this way the pedestrian can take responsibility for determining if the irritation of car noise is worth the added awareness of potentially silent vehicles approaching on the roads nearby.

Car noise is one of the worst part about living in a city. I hear cars 24/7. There no need for me to constantly alert me to their presence and it provides absolutely no safety benefit to me 99.9% of the time. I for one would welcome the danger of silent cars if in return for hearing birds and wind and kids playing in the park a block away. The city would be far more beautiful without engine noise.

Adding car noise to electric vehicles is a stupid idea and removes one of the greatest benefits new electric motors have over old fashioned combustion tech.

Comment Re:JFC (Score 1) 46

We don't have to give up on privacy or security. In fact, that advanced device in our pocket could greatly improve our privacy and security, which could protect or replace the items we already carry in your wallet or purse.

The demand for smartphone features allows companies to design products which actively violate security and privacy because there is no alternative to obtain those features. Perhaps there is no perfectly secure device, but the smartphone is intentionally designed to NOT achieve it.

Comment Re:Trust (Score 1) 108

As I recall, The Anarchist Cookbook was full of such errors. It ranged from simply won't work, to serious dangerous errors. I haven't read it since the 1990s, so I can't be more specific.

Another wonderful sources of questionable information was BBS and FidoNet text files. The best craptastic information worth almost as much as the price (free). I read quite a few almost interesting illegal drug recipes. Those too went from useless, to explosive and/or poisonous.

Comment Re: Sure, just add more magic (Score 1) 222

There are lots of people like me who would still see it as a lottery to die on Mars.

Maybe you would be happy to travel to the Arctic and left outside to freeze to death, as long as it was on camera and the world cheered you on. And then you can look into the camera and say: "one small step into depression, one giant leap to suicide".

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