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Comment Re:Nice trick (Score 1) 117

IMO.. If you think of gravity as a warp in space-time and strong positive gravity is represented the shape of space-time around a black hole, then a white hole would have warped space-time around it that represents "negative gravity". I think.

Maybe the big bang is a white hole location in space-time. So you can imagine that negative gravity is everywhere you look into the far distance just beyond what you can see.

Comment Re: Cable/Sat TV (Score 1) 62

Good question. Over the air TV is a hassle if you want similar functionality in your home. The technology to do something similar to YouTube TV is expensive and buggy.

For example: I stuck a giant antenna in my attic ($150), and then I bought an HDHomerun ($200), and their DVR software ($50,). Their DVR software has to run on some kind of a device, but I already own an NVidea shield, which it runs on. Before the HDHomerun I used a Tablo ($250) + ($150) hard drive. The Tablo, though, is a buggy piece of junk. Even before that, I used a Windows media center PC ($1500) that worked very well as a DVR, but Microsoft end-of-lifed their support for DVR.

So, for about $2300 in sunk cost I have a working, but buggy and difficult-to-use DVR solution, and two DVRs that are collecting dust. This pays for 5.5 years of YouTube TV, with no buggy software and no hardware to setup or collect dust when it's end-of-lifed.

Comment 10 Reasons Not To Go.. (Score 4, Insightful) 370

10 Reasons Not To Go:

1. The big screen. You can barely see the whole thing without turning your head, especially if you get stuck near the front.
2. People everywhere. They spend all movie talking and kicking your seat.
3. Focus. Because most movies have boring parts.
4. Relentlessness.Because 2 hours is a long time to go without using the toilet.
5. A massive speaker system. Louder isn't always better, and it still isn't loud enough to drown out cell phones.
6. Previews. What a waste of time, watching all the best parts of movies I don't even want to see.
7. Disruption. Pizza is here!
8. Alone time. Even in a dim movie theater it's hard to get off.
9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark. At least my floors at home aren't sticky.
10. Bragging rights.

Comment Encryption Good (Score 1) 137

Tech companies SHOULD offering a "secret place for citizens to communicate"

What a load of crap that we should worry that ever single bit of communication prior to some crime MUST be known. That's nutty thinking with the end desire to never have any (legal) conversation occur outside of government recording, monitoring and evidence collection.

Comment Re:What if the "bullshit" is actually true? (Score 1) 444

Ten years ago I noticed that the NSA was writing security modules for the Linux kernel.

I thought it was a bad idea to allow the NSA to write security code, when it is their job to circumvent it. I was labelled a nut for worrying about this.

Now when I mention this same old issue to Linux people, they say "yes, but I don't have anything to hide".

It's funny that what was so shocking of an idea because the ramifications were so horrible, are now simply excepted as reality and then shrugged off as not being a significant problem. But there is a real problem: Apathy

IMO: it is disgusting how much Americans are allowing governments and business to rape their privacy.

Comment Flash died on its own merits (Score 1) 230

Adobe programmers killed Flash by creating a bloated program requiring intense resources with low performance. Then they forced users to pay them a license fee on every computer whether that user wanted their garbage software or not. They are bad like Microsoft and just like Windows, it died.

Comment Re:Mint (Score 1) 510

Almost every Linux OS offers a live CD version now. I used Mint and I do not like it. On 2 laptops I had upgrade issues and program crashes. This didn't happen for these top 3 picks:

1st: the most common one: Ubuntu is pretty good and has great support for 3rd party pre-compiled packages and support for proprietary drivers (which is important for beginners who didn't select their hardware for open source compatibility). This is #1 pick because it is easy and online support is vast.

2nd: Personally, I would choose Debian over Ubuntu. It's just like Ubuntu, but it's more secure because it doesn't contact Ubuntu in the background or provide closed source binaries.

3rd: If you want top notch security, then Tails is the easiest for private browsing, encrypted emails and chats. Tails OS is great because it is actually difficult to use it in an insecurity manner.

All of these options provide a "live CD" version, so you can try before you install.

Comment Re:Dear Developers of the World (Score 1) 66

Don't bother writing any software for linux

Yes. Don't write any software for linux that is designed to eavesdrop on the user without their knowledge and their consent buried in an EULA.

I don't want Skype and it disturbs me that I might accidentally use a linux pc with that software installed. Please don't bring Skype to linux in any manner. Amateurs might actually install it.

Comment Re:Thanks but NO Thanks! (Score 1) 66

Voice over copper wires was very strongly protected. It required evidence to support a wire-tap. VOIP and other internet traffic does not have those protections and mass surveillance is the result. Those who want to watch you and your family made sure those protections were removed in laws under the banner of your own protection.

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