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Comment Re:Dear Developers of the World (Score 1) 66

Don't bother writing any software for linux

Yes. Don't write any software for linux that is designed to eavesdrop on the user without their knowledge and their consent buried in an EULA.

I don't want Skype and it disturbs me that I might accidentally use a linux pc with that software installed. Please don't bring Skype to linux in any manner. Amateurs might actually install it.

Comment Re:Thanks but NO Thanks! (Score 1) 66

Voice over copper wires was very strongly protected. It required evidence to support a wire-tap. VOIP and other internet traffic does not have those protections and mass surveillance is the result. Those who want to watch you and your family made sure those protections were removed in laws under the banner of your own protection.

Comment Rotten to the core (Score 1) 236

The docs are clear that they can update the software running on the TV using a USB drive. There's no evidence of them doing so remotely over the Internet. We can develop anti-virus and intrusion-detection signatures based on this information that will defeat much of what we read in these documents

The government is using YOUR PROPERTY to eavesdrop on you, your family and the ones you love to be used as testimony against you when required but without legal permission or accountability. And your response is to suggest that it doesn't matter because we can probably defend ourselves against it in the future?

Comment Re: One bitcoin is worth more than gold to idiots (Score 1) 208

I think gold is worth more than its market value. Most people don't even have gold, and instead have a piece of paper that represents gold that probably does not exist in reality. The true supply of gold is smaller than the market, so its value in the physical form should be higher than market rate.

Comment Re:$10 for placebo quality (Score 1) 77

I suggest looking at the result of codec comparison in https://tech.ebu.ch/docs/tech/.... The EBU performed A/B comparisons with different lossy codecs for 5.1. They trained people in how to spot the difference in challenging areas to encode, and then evaluated various codecs with challenging pieces.

Keep in mind that FLAC is typically 3x as large as 320kbps, and storage sizes are quite huge now.

Comment Re:$10 for placebo quality (Score 4, Interesting) 77

Last summer I wrote a program to compare two audio files, mostly to get an objective understanding of how sound degrades in a lossless format: http://andrewrondeau.com/blog/2016/07/deconstructing-lossy-audio-the-case-for-lossless

My conclusion is that, even at 320 kbps, formats like MP3 and AAC still screw with the sound. The newer Opus codec at 320 kbps is better than an 8-bit flac, though.

What happens with lossy audio is that it's more about "will someone notice an objectionable artifact" then "can someone notice the difference in an A-B test." Even then, the difference is usually in details that people don't pay close attention to. So, what you pay for in lossless is that the subtle echo in the fadeout sounds perfect, and that the equalization is always perfect, and that the cymbals and clicks of the guitar sound exactly like they do in the studio. Most people will never hear the difference, even in A-B testing.

In my very subjective experience, I find that AC3 has a certain dullness that lossless doesn't have. MP3 has a particular thinness that's noticeable compared to AC3. I personally don't have any opus files in my collection, so I can't comment there.

Comment Re: Better Summary for Nerds (Score 1) 69

Right. Because customers should have to call and complain in order to receive the service they asked for.

It seems pretty obvious that this company is intentionally selling one thing and then swapping it for something less. If you paid for high speed service but didn't receive it, then you should get money back from them for the service they did not deliver.

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