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Comment Re: Better Summary for Nerds (Score 1) 69

Right. Because customers should have to call and complain in order to receive the service they asked for.

It seems pretty obvious that this company is intentionally selling one thing and then swapping it for something less. If you paid for high speed service but didn't receive it, then you should get money back from them for the service they did not deliver.

Comment Re:Seventy Percent (Score 1) 180

Maybe the computer reads your mind 100% the first day and then spends the next day just sitting around flipping coins.

Or maybe it was right 100% of the first 20% and then only 90%, 80%, 70%... down to 0% on various ranges of percentages. And the total being correct 70% of the time.

Did you know a coin flip is not really 50/50, but rather it is always heads 25% of the time and only has a 1 in 3 chance of being heads in the remaining flips.

Or maybe your example and all of mine are wrong. (gamblers fallacy)

Comment Re: Yawn... (Score 1) 356

...they used the "mirror = backup" solution.

I used that solution and it worked ideally. I ran a laptop of an SD card and set RAID to mirror to a 2nd SD card. To make a backup, I just pull one card out and stuff a fresh card in. That's it. The new disk would automatically sync up and be ready for the next backup when I choose to pull that one out. To restore, I just shut down the computer, put in the last backup and boot up. My computer system was instantly restored back to the last time I pulled out that disk.

I didn't continue with this test set up because laptops do not have 2 SD cards and having a dongle hanging out of a laptop all the time is a recipe for loose and broken USB ports.

The sysadmins told me that RAID should never be used as a backup. But I found this set up dead simple and the backup restore process was instantaneous.

Perhaps RAID in mirror mode is not an ideal backup solution. But it is very close to the way backups should work.

Comment Re:Apple fans will buy anything, news at 11 (Score 1) 406

I do that too. And I think it is a good way to get an idea of what average people are doing.

For example, I have been noticing that 60% to 80% of the people riding on my buses hold their cell phone in their hand at all times. That seems weird to me, like they are all sucking their thumbs.

Also, I did see a young girl wearing a watch on the bus today. And I though... that's weird who would buy a watch these days that isn't grandfathered in to that tradition.

Comment Re:That may be the reason that they hid it (Score 1) 105

That may be the reason that they hid it. Naive users might get worried about this sort of warning.

I am a Naive user when it comes to SSL. But I Need to have the cert information so I can compare the fingerprints and hashes against my local copy when I access sites where I created my own private SSL cert. There is no other way for me to be sure the certificate does not belong to a MITM. But do tell me if I am wrong, I may just be Naive. I would imagine there is a way to generate client certs as an alternative, but this is not well documented for Naive users.

Throwing the SSL details into some obscure location in the browser to keep this information from worrying Naive users, makes the browser useless when they desire to securely communication with their own servers.

I don't use Chrome because it sucks for people who want to control their own security and remove trust from the makers of the browser. This is just another reason why I am happy to not be using Chrome.

Comment Re:Or just do this. (Score 1) 152

Stop telling others to pay 200% to 1000% for cheap accessories because you are duped into believing that the problem is in the cable.

As the article says: "Type-A was never designed to handle the 3 amps of power a USB-C device needs to juice up". It's clear that USB-C is not backward compatible and that certain devices do not know how to detect that they are being powered by a Type-A connection and just suck up more juice that the old connector was designed to handle.

So this is a problem with USB design not the cable. They should have used a different name for their standard other than "USB-x" if they did not want their customers to assume that they are fully compatible the way previous USB standards were designed.

Comment Re:nope (Score 1) 161

I took it to mean that him victims would not complain because he has wealth and is a voice in the media. So that if they were to seek justice for the crime, that they would be harassed for years by lawyers and there would be a campaign using Trump money to destroy their character in the media.

In many countries, "sexual assault" is the legal charge which encompasses rape. Because civilized countries know that a penis is not required for a victim to have life long trauma.

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