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Comment 10 Reasons Not To Go.. (Score 4, Insightful) 370

10 Reasons Not To Go:

1. The big screen. You can barely see the whole thing without turning your head, especially if you get stuck near the front.
2. People everywhere. They spend all movie talking and kicking your seat.
3. Focus. Because most movies have boring parts.
4. Relentlessness.Because 2 hours is a long time to go without using the toilet.
5. A massive speaker system. Louder isn't always better, and it still isn't loud enough to drown out cell phones.
6. Previews. What a waste of time, watching all the best parts of movies I don't even want to see.
7. Disruption. Pizza is here!
8. Alone time. Even in a dim movie theater it's hard to get off.
9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark. At least my floors at home aren't sticky.
10. Bragging rights.

Comment Re:There is no reason for any drought to continue (Score 4, Interesting) 390

Desalination requires equipment and sometimes energy, neither of which falls out of the sky.

I'm pretty sure energy does fall out of the sky. Some of these desalination plants use solar power.


Submission + - Quebec government to force ISPs to block gambling websites

ottawanker writes: In order to drive more customers to their own online gambling website, the Quebec government and Loto-Quebec (the provincial organization in charge of gaming and lotteries) are thinking about forcing the province's ISPs to block all other online gambling websites. The list of websites to be blocked will be maintained by Loto-Quebec, and the government believes that the blocking will increase government revenue by up to $27 million (CAD) per year.

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