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Comment Re:Hope he's right, but I doubt it (Score 1) 158

This was the first time we didn't have a ready answer for what people could do next when they no longer needed a typing pool, etc.

So much this. And it's not just semi-skilled work like pool typists. It's skilled work like accountants, draftsmen, and engineers. It's not just blue collar work, it's white collars as well. Our economy is in the process of going through a Second Industrial Revolution - and the first one tossed millions into grinding poverty for the better part of a century. I don't foresee the coming one as being much better.

I hope executives like Benioff don't just assume everything is going to work out.

The problem isn't just executives like Benioff. There's plenty of nit brained conservatives who quote the "80% to 2%" statistic you do, but don't follow through the logic. There's plenty of conservative nit brains who don't grasp how the earlier revolutions played out. There's plenty of conservative nit brains who claim that there will always be "plenty of manual labor required", but who can't grasp that most unskilled jobs are gone and most skilled jobs are filled - there's insufficient demand for the millions facing unemployment or underemployment, now or in the coming decades.

And the worst are the conservative nit brains who presume that everyone un- or under- employed is only in that state due to their own personal choices.

Maybe 10% of them have the aptitude to move up to the "robot repairman" level of employment, so where does the other 90% go? While growing up in the Rust Belt, I saw factory closures that dumped thousands of low-skilled workers out onto the job market all at once. Sadly, the answer to this question in that case was that the 90% ended up moving away, employed in menial minimum wage jobs like home health care aides and fast food workers, or perpetually broke.

Ayup. And that's another problem with the upcoming deluge - the job market (at a national level) is already abrim with just that kind of people.

Comment Re:Sounds about right (Score 1) 84

Great Britain is a geographic term, the United Kingdom is a political term. Britain is synonymous with the latter, which doesn't help matters. So it doesn't matter what country or countries exist on the large island, it's name is Great Britain. Northern Ireland being in the UK or not can not affect the name of the large island :)

Comment Re:No Gut no Glory (Score 1) 67

A particular aspect that concerns me about them getting failure rates down into the lower tenths of a percent is their use of unlined COPVs.

The thing is... Even by the rather loose standards of the launch industry, that's not extreme reliability. It's only a modest improvement over the Other Guys. (And not worth very much unless they can also correct their ongoing inability to maintain schedule.)

And the 'lower tenths' are nowhere near airplane like reliability - which is down in the lower millionth of a percent.

And on top of that - they don't use unlined COPV's. There's not even such a thing as an unlined COPV NAICT.

Comment Do you know how to read? (Score 1) 409

What you're describing (between pointless insults?) is the dwindling need for unskilled manual labor.

No, complete idiots like yourself display the point of the insults. (Hint: The construction trades are *not* unskilled.)

There will still always be a need for manual labor.

What part of "less and less as the years go by" was too complicated for that wad of half rotten cabbage you carry between your ears?

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 0) 409

There will always be a need for manual labor

In the fantasy world of the wingnut maybe. Here in reality, just over the course of my lifetime, the need for manual labor has dropped dramatically. When I was a kid, ditch digging was a widely available last resort job. Now two guys with a small backhoe accomplish the job. In construction, a guy with a nailgun can outperform four guys with hammers. Someone with a power saw can outperform ten guys with handsaws. (Etc... etc...)
When will the wingnuts grasp that the world has changed? When will they grasp that it no longer resembles in any significant way their fantasy of what the world 'used to be like'?

Comment Re:Oh please (Score 1) 88

But you can get financing on the basis of the income stream you can show you are going to have on the basis of the pre-orders.

And if you can convince prospective lenders you can actually produce them at a cost where you'll have sufficient profit to repay them when you do receive the income. And convince the lenders that you're competent enough to do so. Etc... etc...

Comment Re:1,000 episodes? (Score 1) 114

$5/month for what has to be an incredibly thin selection with only 1,000 titles is just not a good deal. Maybe if they were financing a bunch of their own series this would make sense, but as is there are much better options out there for Anime fans.

Their current selection is thin - but with their exclusive contract with Fuji to distribute shows from the noitaminA block... there's quite a few hotly anticipated shows that Amazon is going to be the sole legal source for.

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