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Comment Re:If the point was ... (Score 4, Insightful) 307

There's no proof that it has anything to do with Wikileaks, but in a world of IoT devices with no thought toward security, anyone who cares to do so can mount DDOS with the power of a national entity.

What's the point of doing what Assange and Wikileaks have been doing without any moral position? He isn't helping his own case.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 2) 241

No, of course it is not legal to set a trap to intentionally hurt someone, even if you expect that the trap could only be activated by the person committing property theft or vandalism. Otherwise, you'd see shotguns built into burglar alarms.

Fire alarm stations sometimes shoot a blue dye which is difficult to remove or one which only shows under UV. Never stand in front of one when pulling the lever! But they are not supposed to hurt you.

And of course these booby traps generally are not as reliable as the so-called "inventor" thinks and tend to hurt the innocent.

Comment Not enough space? (Score 1) 90

"Two kids in their dorm room cannot do anything interesting in space."


The Wright brothers didn't create the aircraft in their dorm room - they needed a garage and wide areas in order to do their stuff. Plus they needed wealth, which two kids in their dorm room are much less likely to have nowadays. They need space to construct that sort of stuff, much more than what's needed to build a hot-rod or small aircraft.

As for something interesting in space, the only things left is to colonize another planet (or moon), extract resources from the other planet, FTL jump to another system, etc. Two kids in the dorm room can't build the Lunar Cheese Extraction Facility, nor can they do hyperspace stuff.

The two kids in the dorm room that are capable of designing improved rockets or space vehicles wouldn't be in the dorm room because they would have been hired by any company wanting to do the same type of work.

Comment Re:having more money (Score 0) 126

Mod parent up.

One thing that buying a premium phone will get you is features that the base phone doesn't have. Just knowing that you have something* that your neighbor doesn't will make you happier. Heck, your neighbor's jealousy of your shiny new toy will make you happier, all by itself.

*Even if the something is, rationally, not very different. e.g., 24.2GB of usable storage compared to 22.8GB.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 126

You've got it. People want not to have been wrong.

They want not to have gotten a lemon when they paid premium $$$.
They want not to be stuck in a job/career they now despise.
They want not to have screwed up their children's lives.
They want not to have voted for a bozo.

The longer you listen to people talking about choices they now cannot unmake, the more it all sounds the same.

Comment Metaphor? I dont' know what it's for. (Score 1) 90

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Thinks [a cheap* heavy launch infrastructure] Can Be the New Internet

There, fixed that for you. What Bezos is saying is that Amazon's rise was possible because some one had already deployed a long distance phone network and a postal system, and had already invented the Internet and the web. He is proposing to invent*/deploy the systems that will make startup companies for applications in space feasible.

*This is the step of his proposal, where a miracle occurs, is not going to be as hard as jumping from a long distance phone network to the Internet was. It is going to be as hard as jumping from hide drums to the Internet was.

Comment Late-Breaking News from the Council: WTF G'RANEE? (Score 2) 244

>K'Breel was deposed and executed after his repeated failures in repelling the Terran aggressor. We don't speak of him. All hail mighty G'Ranee, Supreme Leader for Life!

LATE-BREAKING NEWS FROM THE COUNCIL: VICTORY! The Council of Elders has confirmed the blueworlders' resumption of aggression upon our noble red sands. K'Breel, Speaker for the Council of Elders, addressed the planet thusly: OKAY. Okay, so I'm K'Breel (even though anyone on Slashdot can assume the mantle merely by declaring themselves Speaker for the Council), and I'm late, but I'm merely chronologically late, not as in the Late Second Adjunctant to the Council Formerly Known As G'Ranee.

But domestic politics is beneath us tonight -- just take a glance at the blue world beneath us for a look at how bad that can get -- and let us focus on what's important: over the past sol or so, our Planetary Defense Force has been so good at pre-emptively distracting the blueworlders with tasks like landing comets, grabbing their prospective mates by their genitals, low-planetary orbit missions, and just general tribal infighting that we haven't had to shoot down any robotic invaders in quite some time. But when the opportunity presents itself, we take advantage of it, and so, we did. Hence the trivial elimination of yet another putative invader from elsewhere. We'd do it every day, except that the blueworlders lack the gelsacular fortitude to send us more targets. Now as to gelsacular fortitude, on to Second Adjunctant G'Ranee...

When a junior reporter pointed out that the destroyed invader was merely a technology demonstrator built on the cheap to see if a landing was possible, and that the blueworlders' actual payload was safely in orbit, K'Breel had the reporter's gelsacs launched into orbit alongside those of G'Ranee for a closer look.

Comment Re:Cut full time down to 30-32 hours to start! (Score 1) 886

If I "give" everyone $1k/month, then quickly a lunch at McDs approaches $75.

McDs is already approaching that amount without help from giving everyone $1k/month - it's price doubled since 12 years ago, and at that rate will hit that mark in 48 years (sooner if you include more than just the Big Mac.)

Also, if McDs does charge $75 per whatever, then that's a good enough reason for reclaim said money by McDonald's suppliers (i.e. those who provide McDs with beef, vegetables, transportation fuel, and other expenses), McDonald's shareholders (who own parts of the company), McDonald's workers (who actually make the profit), or governments (who are upset that McDs are trying to grab everyone's basic income).

Or even better, undercut McDs. Practically anyone can make a small garden even if inside their own house, and introduce free food into the market even if it isn't sold.

Submission + - SPAM: Faithful Energy Customers Overpaying by £5.4bn per year

vswitchusave writes: Recent inspection regarding energy comparison sites revealed that those customers who stays loyal with their supplier for years. They paid some £5.4bn a year to the energy companies. Even, a third of UK households who stuck to the same supplier for more than five years, have spent £18.7bn more than required. Just because of this, media talks a lot about the broken trust between faithful customers and energy suppliers.
Link to Original Source

Submission + - VeraCrypt Security Audit Reveals Many Flaws, Some Already Patched ( 1

Orome1 writes: VeraCrypt, the free, open source disk encryption software based on TrueCrypt, has been audited by experts from cybersecurity company Quarkslab. The researchers found 8 critical, 3 medium, and 15 low-severity vulnerabilities, and some of them have already been addressed in version 1.19 of the software, which was released on the same day as the audit report.

Submission + - Quantum Research Achieves 10-Fold Boost In Superposition Stability

An anonymous reader writes: A team of Australian researchers has developed a qubit offering ten times the stability of existing technologies. The computer scientists claim that the new innovation could significantly increase the reliability of quantum computing calculations. The new technology, developed at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), has been named a ‘dressed’ quantum bit as it combines a single atom with an electromagnetic field. This process allows the qubit to remain in a superposition state for ten times longer than has previously been achieved. The researchers argue that this extra time in superposition could boost the performance stability of quantum computing calculations. Previously fragile and short-lived, retaining a state of superposition has been one of the major barriers to the development of quantum computing. The ability to remain in two states simultaneously is the key to scaling and strengthening the technology further.

Submission + - Orbital ATK Returns To Flight With Successful Antares Launch To Space Station (

An anonymous reader writes: The Orbital ATK Antares rocket – the same rocket that exploded on its way to the International Space Station two years ago – returned to flight today with a much-anticipated launch. Lifting off from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, the Antares rocket is now on its way to deliver the Cygnus spacecraft filled with over 5,000 pounds of cargo to crew members aboard the ISS. Today’s launch was particularly special for Orbital ATK, a company contracted by NASA to deliver 66,000 pounds of cargo to the ISS through 2018. After their Antares rocket exploded during a launch in 2014, destroying thousands of pounds of experiments and cargo bound for the space station, Orbital ATK worked for two years to upgrade that rocket and prepare for its return to flight. Today, the Orbital ATK was finally able to fly Cygnus on top of their own rocket again. The RD-181-equipped Antares rocket carried Cygnus, which housed science experiments and supplies for the ISS crew, for their fifth operational cargo resupply mission for NASA. Along with crew supplies, spacewalk equipment and computer resources, Cygnus will bring over 1,000 pounds of science investigations to the five crew members on the ISS. One of those experiments is Saffire-II, the second Saffire experiment to be conducted inside Cygnus in order to study realistic flame propagation in space. Cygnus will spend over a month attached to the ISS. In late November, the spacecraft will be filled with about 3,000 pounds of trash and then released to begin its descent back to Earth. During reentry through Earth’s atmosphere, the spacecraft, along with trash and Saffire-II, will be destroyed.

Submission + - Julian Assange Under Investigation For Grooming Of 8-Year-Old Girl? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: While details are only beginning to trickle out, it appears that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is accused of (Google Cache) having groomed an 8-year-old girl for sex while her family was on vacation in the Bahamas, sending lewd images of himself performing oral sex on a camera, and sending "unlawful obscenity materials of a child pornographic nature" to her. The case is stated to be under investigation by the Royal Bahamas Police (RBPF Reference: Sgt Ferguson 1705 RBPF Thompson Boulevard), and relayed to the UN by, a dating site running a UN-sponsored project (KATIA) to develop tools for rape screening. Initially having partnered with Assange as a #HeForShe Ambassador, the group severed ties with Assange when the case came to light and filed a brief with the UN requesting that his UNWGAD ruling be overturned (claiming threats of retaliation from Assange for doing so). Days later, the UN site decredentialed So far, Assange has not responded to the claims and no explanation for the delisting has been forthcoming.

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