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Comment Re:Hillary for Prison 2016 (Score 1) 134

I'd honestly doubt many man hours were spent on this. Probably just forgotten till someone noticed. They check the site see its fake and close it. The only reason we are hearing about this is because of the whole #SpiritCooking thing. Plus this author has just been submitting links for 2 years dozens and dozens. Not sure if human or bot to be honest.

Comment Re:Crazy thought (Score 1) 230

How do you blame this on Obama or the liberals? Its the conservatives they try to fight to get right of federal public education. If they had their way some middle schoolers in the bible belt would be learning of creationism as a scientific fact and might never even hear of the theory of evolution. The right wants to send education to the stone age and no child left behind has fucked us.

Also if you make financial aid available only on a merit based system (which i assume is your GPA at graduation) you leave any kids who went through family problems their senior year, needed to be on meds but never got diagnosed (ADHD is real and if your on the right meds paying attention in class and focusing on work without a myriad of other thoughts taking your mind away from the task at hand), and a bunch of other reasons a student who might struggle in high school but will excel in college has.

Comment Re:The time off for teachers doesn't really count (Score 1) 230

Umm what kinda daycare do you use? I would think the amount of school children whose parents work during school hours and now need daycare because the kids are out of school would trump the few dozen (if that) teachers who now can care for their kids instead of using a daycare. Also since most teachers are under paid they need to work other jobs in the summer.

Comment Re:Price controls and a ban on doctor kickbacks (Score 1) 305

Which would be fine if those commercials were only shown during programs that weren't made for families. Watching something with the kids a commercial comes on. You go tothe kitchen to grab a bite and little Timmy is pulling on your pants leg asking whats an erection b/c if he has one for 4 hours or longer he should go to the hospital

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

No what they marketed it as was unlimited data but at a certain rate. Whether I only go online to broswe youtube and watch netflix or i'm downloading GBs of data daily they promised access to the internet at a fixed speed. Its only now that everyone is cutting the cord and getting all there media online that they are pulling these shady tactics. What is the difference in cost to them if only 5% ever go above their cap anyways? whats the cost difference to transfer 400gb a month compared to their 250gb limit(my usage and my cap)?

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