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Comment Re:Signals schmignals. They're here. (Score 1) 239

Yes and no. Or, should I say, "Yes", "yes it does" and don't. You are spreading the dangerous meme of "what-me-worry", and it is not helping. We, as a planet, are up shit creek, figuratively speaking. We're killing the planet and we're letting stupid ideas guide us and we're letting the psychopaths rule us. The aliens are not important right now.

Future Person

Comment Signals schmignals. They're here. (Score 1) 239

I have met aliens. From different places. It was not long after I had a conversation with God. I think I've atleast outlined what that what about here before.

Of the aliens I've met, none are probably not from the system on topic here, but I just can't help but recite the following story. While it is a good story, it's not, in my mind, really relevant for the big picture of the fate of the universe and the future of consciousness. I don't know why I would tell this story. I would not rule out mind control. Anyway. Here goes:

Nah. On secondt thought. I'll get back to that. It's a story about one of the groups of aliens I know to be here now. Basically they had a cold war thing going way over there a long long time ago and there was some everybody-killing thing that was supposed to kill only the enemies but went wrong or something or maybe both (or however many) sides had the kill-all-the-others-thing. Whatever it was, killed everybody. Except for some of the crew of a ship in space at the time and the lone tycoon who was flying around space for fun. And the power-elites who knew the end was potentially about to come and then saw it coming and took off, like they would. Anyway. Two ships, designed to last forever, left the planet within, I don't know, a thousand years. And now they're here. But it's all atmosphere or charachter ... something, which is beside the point in the grand scheme of things (i think, now, I might be an idiot/stupid/wrong/blind/mistaken, or something), so I'm not ging to go into anymore detail about all this at this point in time.

~Peace, love and anarchy,
Future Person

Comment Drake equation++ (Score 2, Funny) 294

I recently had the misfortune of meeting some extraterrestrial aliens from outer space right here on earth.

I have not much time now, but I'll jot down what I can.

They were very enthusiastic. They explained how wonderful it was to find a planet with the temperature and the water and the magnetic field and the life and the intelligence and the technology and ... advertising(!?) .

They we're an ancient species, homeless since eons. They had been scouring space, looking for intelligent life that could scratch their itch.

Their itch is having control. They get off on manipulation. They crave displays of advertising and propaganda, whatever moves masses to act against their own self-interest, or something.

They have evolved telepathy. It is the result of a million years of marketing, the art of lying, the pinnacle of manipulation.

I would describe them as psychopathic and sadistic. I think they want to enslave people for the joy of seeing a living, feeling life form manipulated.

They had me devising marketing campaigns. I escaped. Other ET:s helped me. I'll tell about it later. I'm too upset now to be very coherent, maybe.

I have to go now. I do not want to be anywhere near these creatures. Watch out for the mindfuckers!

Comment Beware the writing. (Score 2) 130

Never mind the mind reading. When the mind writing starts being used more (at the moment I can't remember when that will be) by forces up to no good, those aspiring for truth and justice will often find themselves in interesting and infuriating trouble.

Comment Re:Oh come On. (Score 5, Funny) 76

And that's how thing[s] will end and remain ended.

That's not true, actually. You see, beyond the accelerating universe, by the time of the end of which you speak, we will have built ... "God", for lack of a better word. By that time, we have looked at each particle and each vibration of each string and determined where it came from and where it is going (yes, there's no random), allowing us to calculate everything back to before the big bang.

Everything will be known - every path of every falling leaf anywhere in the universe, ever. Every action, every thought and every feeling of every creature that ever lived will be known, in effect raising everyone from the dead in a big collective consciousness beyond this universe and all the matter and energy in it. Thankfully there must have been a universe about around here before, because out there on the outside, was matter we could build our collective of. We need all the matter in this universe. We need to start it again, in the exact same way it once started. Everything in this universe will all happen exactly as it happened and is happening and will happen once more.

Why we need to do that? I'll get into that later, unless I've all ready mentioned it before. But now I have to go. These are very hectic days for this weary "time-traveler". My adventures on this earth at this point in history are not that important. They are dwarfed by the cosmic storyline, but they might be an amusing read if I get time to write about them.

Do good. You will reap the benefits later.

Future Person

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hello World!

I'm on a mission. From the future! (Or did I dream it?)

First I started as an "Anonymous Coward", explaining things about the farthest and also a bit about the comparatively much nearer future.

Now I created an account.

I'll try to get around to pasting (or better yet linking?) those earlier anonymouser comments here.

And more about the future later.


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