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Comment Re: Wind and Solar are Environmental Disasters (Score 1) 418

Then why do so many hit large solid and visible objects like cell towers (and windmills that are off and locked)? If they can see the wires in zoos, why can't they see them as guy wires for antennas? The whole story about windmills killing birds at such an extraordinary rate doesn't stand up to basic scrutiny.

Comment Re: Fake news != Flawed news (Score 1) 405

So then they are changing the odds, but not in a way that adjusts the "elements of chance". They don't control the odds of the next card pull, and have no knowledge of the odds of that event. They alter their chance of winning, but don't adjust the "game" (as in order or number of cards) at all. Just like card counters, who are 100% legal.

Comment Re: Wind and Solar are Environmental Disasters (Score 1) 418

Actually, they regularly run into things like parked cars and windowless buildings. Did you have data to back up your claim, or were you just lying and hoping nobody would contradict you? The reason they hit the windows in houses, not the house, is that they hit the house, and you don't notice, but when they hit the window, you notice.

Comment Re: This is stupid (Score 1) 161

Have you ever driven? If 80% of the drives in front pulled over, the 20% who didn't would pull into the open space and floor it. I've seen lots of people cut off or tailgate emergency services. I've pulled over, completely off the road, and stopped before an intersection, so I left it clear for the approaching fire truck. The person behind me pulled in behind me, but failed to stop completely, and hit me. He saw the truck, pulled over, and slowed, but missed the car in front, and managed to hit me.

Perhaps you drive on different roads, where drivers are polite and attentive. But that's not the roads I've driven. And yes, I've driven in Europe, though not Sweden.

Comment Re:Buttons would be nice !!! (Score 1) 186

In China (a few years before the Olympics) the bathrooms near the area were installing western toilets. The rooms would have a line of "local" stalls, and one (or more, but usually one) tourist toilet. The locals never used the tourist toilet. Seems dirty to sit, rather than squat, for the locals. Local toilets had no flushes. Some were outhouse style, others had a trough below that had a slow steady stream to wash into the sewer. I have no idea if the areas below had any regular cleaning.

Comment Re: This is stupid (Score 1) 161

Lots of people are exceptions. The mechanism given only works if the radio is on and tuned to FM. By a strict reading of the mechanism, AM (popular in the US) would prevent operation of RDS. As well as the growing number of people who play music from devices without using FM.

That I'm only one example doesn't mean I'm special. I see around 1% of drivers in the morning with headphones on. One would assume they aren't using their car's FM radio with headphones.

Comment Re: This is stupid (Score 1) 161

And should we make it illegal to listen to anything that isn't RDS compliant? Will we start making phones RDS complaint, so if someone is using a phone (legally hands-free, or illegally hands-on) the calls will be interrupted as well?

How about people like me that don't even hook up the FM antenna? My "radio" is used primarily as a display for the rear camera, and secondarily for music for long trips, through bluetooth or USB. Am I now an illegal? Does it matter that I drive a special-edition car that has no soundproofing, and thinnner window glass, making the inside about as transparent to outside sounds as a "regular" car with the windows down? (noise being why I never use the radio in town, it's just so hard to hear)

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