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Comment Re: Just another mindless attack (Score 2) 495

And you could turn the mic on and listen in on everything, or get access to all the accounts on the phone. Why you think the most interesting thing a compromised phone is good for is location tracking is between you and your stalking victims, but there are other uses for a compromised phone.

Comment Re:Send it an email? (Score 2) 99

But I am confused about why people care if the account is open.

They had the account for years. It has some personal or sensitive data in it. Yahoo keeps getting haked. So delete the account and keep your data safe (by losing it forever). Except you can't keep the data out of the hands of the hackers. By design.

Do you have a better idea now of why someone would want an account on an insecure provider more secure?

Comment Re:Why not go the whole nine yards? (Score 1) 162

Are you one of those people who insists we don't investigate rape because there are murderers who haven't been caught?

You are assuming a zero sum game when none exists. Embryo creation has no overlap with cancer research, yet re-sequencing of large complex mammals could end up curing cancer. Why do you not want cancer cured?

Would you feel better if they called it "Animal trials to cure human cancer!"? Because that's one of the (near-infinite) uses. But they have to get it working well first. And "animal trials" gets things firebombed by PETA, so "resurrecting extinct species" is the PR name.

Comment Re:Big news in California... (Score 1) 457

In Europe, trains are not the "only option" because of lack of cars, but they are cheaper than cars, so people don't get cars. My grandparents took a train trip from IL to TX. The ticket cost more than flying. One (or more) was afraid of flying, and they didn't feel like driving, so train it was. Train vs fly is irrelevant. The train is supposed to take the cars off the road. That the pro-train people lied about the number of stolen plane trips is irrelevant to the train being anti-car, and unrelated to flight.

The anti-road groups don't even like trains. They just hate cars so much that they push trains to harm cars. That's all it's ever been about.

Comment Re:Big news in California... (Score 1) 457

They will fly or drive. Did you read the studies? People drive. The high-speed train from Dallas to Houston that has been talked about forever won't work. It's slower than driving, and people prefer planes to trains. How is a 1 hour train slower than a 3 hour drive? The 1 hour to get to and from the train station, and the time at the train station(s), and you've lost all your time savings.

You are missing the "road vs non-road" subtext to all discussions on transportation. Every option is "road" or "non-road" and the two camps are religious organizations, not logical ones.

Comment Re:That's a lot of wasted water (Score 1) 457

Gravity does the work getting water from CO. And they wouldn't need to pump it from CO, if they didn't hold it in CO and keep it out of the streams that flow to SoCal. SoCal ran out of water because those upstream took it. And the rain slowed, to restrict local capture.

Comment Re:Big news in California... (Score 0) 457

You miss the point. The pro-train crowd doesn't care about trains, or airplanes. They are simply anti-car. Nothing more than that. Cars are a sign of elitism, where only the top 90% can own cars, and they encourage sprawl and inefficient use of resources. Cars are evil. Anything that makes car commutes harder is good.

The "real" solution will be PRT. The tracked PRT (Skytran being my favorite, at least based on the plans and marketing) will never work. By the time they are economically viable and have working systems installed handling commuting traffic, we'll have smart autonomous cars. PRT through road-use will be faster and cheaper than tracked systems, even if the tracked systems are technically superior.

But all of the PRT will be opposed by the "environmentalists", because they are not pro-environment, but anti-car, for social, not environmental reasons.

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