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Comment Should have patented it (Score 4, Insightful) 83

So, China is steeling trade secrets. The kinds of secrets Patents were invented to protect. Since the steel companies didn't try to protect their inventions in the ways set up that greatly benefit corporations, they deserve to lose them to the Public Domain (where trade secrets lost end up). The people of the US are better off, now that we can legally use the same tech. It's corporate greed. They didn't want to have it exclusively for only 14+ years, so kept it secret until they lost it. They gambled and lost, and had the intention to keep it hidden forever.

Further proof that IP laws don't work.

Comment Re: Restored from iCloud (Score 1) 73

Yeah, and I was never diagnosed with dyslexia, I just had a qualified person tell me that I should never get tested, because I have all the symptoms and if I were diagnosed with it, I'd end up in special ed with the people who can't dress or feed themselves (hey, it was before the enlightened times).

And plenty of people claim the symptoms were obvious, despite the cover-up of it while he was serving as president.

An did you need another link to him being sworn in? Or can we consider that issue covered?

Comment Re:Restored from iCloud (Score 0, Flamebait) 73

Did you forget that the Republicans ran an alzheimer's sufferer for president so "I do not recall" would be backed by medical evidence? Clinton and Obama didn't do anything that wasn't already done by Nixon and Reagan. That's why the Republicans are so mad. Using their own tactics against them isn't fair.

Comment Re:Carly Fiorina is... (Score 1) 327

That supports your argument that HP's servers were shit, but not that Compaq's are actually any good.

Comparatively good, then. Dell didn't have much for servers at the time, and there weren't too many choices for Wintel. Compaq was the server leader at the time. It's obvious you didn't like them, but they were more popular than anything else. And HP was not popular, at all.

You are arguing that HP could have acquired someone better than Compaq, not that Compaq was a bad acquisition.

HP never had a handheld worth a fuck outside of calculators, and calculator sales are basically nonexistent today.

Even over 20 years after introduction, the HP 200LX is still in use in mission-critical places. A device the size of a cell phone that ran DOS, and had a serial port. If they had kept up the miniturization on that and kept it small and cheap, You can still buy used ones for more than the cost of new, back when they were made. Had HP not been idiots, they could have had 100% of the DOS market, in a PC that runs on AA batteries (or forever off a low-power wall wart).

Yes, their WinCE devices were shit, but mainly because WinCE was shit.

Comment Re:Carly Fiorina is... (Score 1) 327

Because of that and other mergers and such, it's hard to tell who would have been better off for what. Can you tell me the value of $10,000 of AOL stock held at opening on January 10, 2000 would be worth today? Given the dot-com bust, I'd assume that it's worth less now than before. A loss for AOL shareholders isn't a "jump". When looking at news stories of the day, they seem to be inconsistent, so I didn't find short term results. And it looks like the combined market cap of the resultant AOL/TW company did drop below the market cap of either before the merger. So again, still worse than HP's acquisition.

Comment Re:Which they really SHOULD (Score 1) 138

Yes, "wholesale" bandwidth is nearly free. I remember when "Internet" was free. But a T1 to the POP, get unlimited Internet for free. The "trick" was that the connections to the POP were expensive. The ISP "Kool-aid" is that the cost isn't getting the Internet to the user, but getting bandwidth capacity to the user.

Buying Internet in a datacenter is unrelated to the commercial considerations of a residential ISP.

Comment Re:Carly Fiorina is... (Score 1) 327

There's just this hazy assertion that it might have been worse otherwise because HP servers are descended from Compaq servers. All I know for sure is that Fiorina turned the combined current market share of HP and Compaq into less than the market share of HP at the time of the merger.

She still did better than AOL/Time Warner, then.

We can't know what the result would have been, until we invent time machines and alternate universes.

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