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Comment Re:Once again... (Score 2) 37

I had a friend in the FBI. I asked her to look me up. She said it was a crime to look up someone that isn't under investigation (even yourself). So nobody ever does. Every lookup must be linked to a case, and the case manager will see the request. You *will* be caught, fired, and possibly prosecuted for looking up information you don't have reason to. Such a scheme should be used where customer data is used. Including the private sector.

Comment Re:The real (and very bad) message: no updates (Score 1) 245

The answer is the same either way. The purpose of it, as software goes, is to test I/O, not produce "Hel[l]o World". So even if errored, it does fulfil its purpose. So no update is needed, even if "wrong". That's one of the points of software updates. Change to add "polish" often drives introduction of functional bugs.

Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 1) 227

The bandwidth caps generally affect the top 1% or fewer users (at least at the more common larger cap sizes). The decrease in profit from tripling the cap wouldn't be anywhere near what you are thinking.

It also reveals that everything they ever said about needing the caps to manage network load was just a pack of lies.

True. Basic shaping is much better than capping, or "advanced shaping". Advanced is when they try to shape down Netflix, but not their own video service. Basic shaping is the shaping allowed by every proposed "network neutrality" bill or suggestion, where you target P2P and such for lower quality, boosting voice, video and web.

Comment Re:Name Calling (Score 4, Informative) 134

Trump has turned a $150M inheritance into $10M and a "brand". He's a loser who won't release his tax records because it will expose his life is one huge lie. His negotiation is "lie until they agree, then break the agreement" and "It's cheaper to lose in court than to lose at the negotiation table" Tactics that are short on ethics, and often short on results.

Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 1) 227

So they should deliver 1 Mbps service over a 100 Mbps last-mile connection, so nothing is throttled, and there's no congestion, and there's no incremental cost to your bits.

Instead, every user, and the companies providing the service, prefer an over-subscribed service that cuts user cost. The only question is where do they put the line. Too much OS and the performance is bad. Too little OS, and the cost is too high. One of the solutions is more OS to cut costs, and bandwidth caps/costs to deter usage from the "worst" users to benefit all. The high-bandwidth users hate that solution.

Other people may suffer at the hands of your use of the total bandwidth at your area of the Internet but the costs do not change

If the suffering users leave the ISP, then it most certainly does change the Internet costs for the ISP (or at least the # of customers to spread the cost across). There is a real scarcity. There's not unlimited bandwidth everywhere, and it has costs to provide.

Comment Re:Everything Trump does is bad (Score 0, Troll) 134

Why is it that, in the media, everything Trump does is "bad".

Because that's the reality.

Are Clintons actions editorialized as well? I haven't seen any good examples.

For a Trump supporter, one would have thought you've seen Fox News at least once. I've seen lots of things that have been editorialized about her. Perhaps because you are a Trump supporter, you are more sensitive about that?

Comment Re:Am A Noob Too (Score 1) 277

I *hope* more vendors get off of the "connect it to the cloud" bandwagon

Never. For one, most people don't have or want a home automation server. And #2 the makers want to keep that function so they can monetize it. And as you say, users want features that require weak security practices.

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