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Submission + - New CryptXXX Variant Has Earned More Than $60,000 In Payments (

itwbennett writes: Researchers from SentinelOne have been tracking a CryptXXX campaign this month, monitoring the Bitcoin wallet used for ransom payments. According to the researchers, since June 4 a single campaign has generated more than 70 incoming transactions, totaling $60,478.73. The newest release of the ransomware also addresses previously exploited code flaws, which helps the victim avoid payment and restore their files by using free decryption tools.

Submission + - Future trends in mobile apps development (

An anonymous reader writes: Future trends in mobile apps development

1. Mobile apps developers focus more on security issues in their apps.
2. Developers focus more on enterprise mobile apps, because profit comes more from it.
3. Developers host their mobile apps in the cloud.
4. Mobile apps development related to IOT will happen.
5. Mobile apps development related to Wearable will happen.
6. Developers will include more animations in their apps which lead to better user experience.
7. Swift — The brand new programming language by apple is a safe, fast and interactive.
8. By 2017 over 268 billion mobile apps downloads and $77 billion revenue will be generated.
9. Developers will integrate the Beacons and location-based Wi-Fi services in the application along with App Store Optimization (ASO) for efficient marketing of the mobile apps.
10. Cross platform tools will emerge rapidly and reduce the time of developing applications and will increase the overall performance.
11. The following are the main areas in mobile apps development
        Social networking mobile apps
        Context marketing
        Location based services
        Mobile payment systems
        Standalone and moving objects recognition

Submission + - US Customs Wants To Know Travelers' Social Media Account Names (

Orome1 writes: The US Customs and Border Protection agency has submitted a request to the Office of Management and Budget, asking for permission to collect travelers social media account names as they enter the country. The CBP, which is part of the US Department of Homeland Security, proposes that the request “Please enter information associated with your online presence — Provider/Platform — Social media identifier” be added to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) and to the CBP Form I-94W (Nonimmigrant Visa Waiver Arrival/Departure).

Submission + - 4chan troll triggers political movement? (

Submission + - tcp connected disconnecting users

renegade600 writes: just found out tcp connected bulbs will no longer be supported on June 30th. It will no longer have access to their cloud, nor will their app be updated. I have 16 of those bulbs and after the 30th they will no longer work with the amazon echo nor have remote access — only local What makes me mad is there was nothing in the tech news sites about this, tcp did not contact anyone. I just happened to run across a review at amazon where there was a comment about this. I went to tcp's website and found the info hidden in their website. I guess they don't want anyone to know since they are still selling the bulbs. (click on the tcp product update — it is a pdf)

the following is a quote from their pdf

Thank you for your patronage to the Connected by TCP system. We appreciate your support.
We regret to inform you that we are making changes to our support model and will be discontinuing
the following services associated with the Connected by TCP system effective June 30, 2016:
* Access via the internet and connectivity through cloud services
* Updates of the TCP Lighting App

Submission + - Chrome Vulnerability Lets Attackers Steal Movies From Streaming Services (

Orome1 writes: A significant security vulnerability in Google technology that is supposed to protect videos streamed via Google Chrome has been discovered by researchers from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Cyber Security Research Center in collaboration with a security researcher from Telekom Innovation Laboratories in Germany. The vulnerability in the encryption technology, Widevine EME/CDM, opens an easy way for attackers to hijack protected content delivered via different popular streaming services, making the unprotected content available for illegal distribution.

Submission + - Atari 2600 designer Joe Decuir publishes his notes from 1977 ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Joe Decuir started to work for Atari in 1975 and was one of the engineers responsible for designing the iconic Atari 2600 and the 8-bit computers 400/800.

The historian-podcaster-writer-archivist Kevin Savetz scanned Joe’s engineering notebooks from the time he worked at Atari and now the precious document is available at Internet Archive.

With handwritten notes and schematics, the content of the notebooks will probably only make sense to engineers and alike, but the fact that the document is available to the public and preserved digitally is a great achievement.

Submission + - Brexit Will Have a Disastrous Effect: Tech Companies Will Feel the Pain (

dkatana writes: Most of the business and tech communities in the UK supported the "Remain" campaign, as did well-respected academics, artists, politicians, and scientists. Still, many voters saw the EU as a source of unwanted immigration, burdensome regulations, and a costly club.

UK tech firms will no longer be able to bid on European public works projects. They will face more dofficulties hiring foreign workers. And new trade agreements and data protection laws woill have to be enacted.

London will suffer the most as the de facto startup and financial capital of Europe. Many fintech and startup firms will look elsewhere to secure their place in Europe and access both the market and EU public funds.

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