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Comment Re:They could always work elsewhere. (Score 2) 154

Out of 4,000 workers, a newspaper managed to find three tents out in the woods, one of which they reported as apparently abandoned and the actual person in one tent made it clear he had a home elsewhere he could sleep in, but preferred to be closer to work to save on commuting costs.

Clearly Amazon is at fault for daring to provide someone employment. Probably the other 3,998 or so people they hired are just sleeping without tents because of their super low wages, right?

In most places (notably, non-prisons and without servant's quarters...), companies don't decide for and aren't responsible for their employees where and how they are allowed to live. That's up to the employee to decide for themselves.

Comment Re:Stop randomly searching minorities. (Score 2) 36

* Completely unrelated problem, nobody actually knows all the laws.

That's a major problem with the US legal system. There are so many laws on the books that even when they spent millions of dollars and many months trying to catalogue and count Federal laws, they couldn't count them all.

That's very dangerous for a supposedly free and open society. It allows police to arrest anyone as it's almost certain that some law can be found to have been broken. Often police outright ignore the laws, like the right of people to audio-record/photograph/video-record police. Most departments have informed their officers that being video or audio recorded and/or photographed is not against the law but they still arrest people, harass/bully them, and even assault them and destroy recording equipment on a regular basis and receive little or no meaningful consequences for their crimes.

The other fairly recent phenomenon that drives distrust and hatred of police is this priority of "going home tonight" above anything else. It leads officers to shoot first and ask questions later because "officer safety" is priority #1.

The job of police is to protect and serve. They cannot do either if they put their safety above anything else including innocent lives. It turns any encounter with police into a potentially deadly (for the citizen) situation. It changes police into a paramilitary occupation and pacification force, especially when they kit-out like they're going door-to-door clearing buildings in downtown Mosul, complete with armored vehicles and grenades. Talking to former military, I've been told that combat soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have stricter Rules Of Engagement than US police officers.

Psychologically it tends to mold the officers' view of civilians into "the enemy".

If the government really wants to improve police/citizen relations, these and other serious problems must be effectively addressed.


Comment Re:They could always work elsewhere. (Score 1, Insightful) 154

Yeah, you could also have titled this story "Amazon hires thousands of temporary workers desperate for jobs, giving them a chance at Christmas!"

But then, that wouldn't fit the narrative, would it? 4,000 jobs in a small town is a massive benefit to those who need work, but I guess some would rather they sat at home and just collected a check from other people's wages instead.

Comment Re:Top 3 promising fusion concepts: (Score 2) 334

Dude, you are just a guitarist who is full of shit himself.

Playing guitar is a hobby. I have degrees in several fields and experience in many more. Everything from designing missile and torpedo navigation/targeting systems to working on avionics and telemetry systems in the Enterprise space shuttle that were later incorporated into the working space shuttles.

As far as GWB, he's a Progressive and I despise much of what he did. You are correct he was a crony-capitalist just like every POTUS we've had for decades.

The rest of your post is nonsense and/or irrelevant, as the accusations against the US and what I was refuting were that we were invading Iraq to steal their oil. Which was and is utter bullshit.


Comment Re:Bush's fault! (Score 3, Insightful) 119

Either way, the government sure goes out of its way to make sure people don't get high.

But at the end of the day, we all have our poisons. A college student has their weed, a business exec has their coke, a trailer park resident has their meth, and a hippie has their LSD. I of course, am a gamer, so my poison is sugary sodas. I got off of it for a while and thought my addiction was gone, but then I started using again recently, and strangely the DEA doesn't mind in my case.

Maybe not the DEA (for now) but the city of New York does. 20 Oz limit, citizen! And don't think you're going to find a salt-shaker at your table in a NYC restaurant, either.


Comment Re:Be careful (Score 1) 78

What will rather happen, since they can neither enforce nor control this sensibly and at a reasonable cost, is that they will simply include a clause in their contract that allows them to cut you off if they notice any harmful traffic coming from you.

With "harmful" being "you using more bandwidth than we want you to", of course.

Comment Re:No mention of the internet architecture of cour (Score 2) 78

How to create an economic incentive for security? Easy. Remember Part 15 of the FCC Rules? That sticker nobody reads anymore that says
1. This device may not cause harmful interference.
2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Create the same for the IoT rubbish.

Failure to comply makes YOU liable for any damage the device you created caused.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 481

Why shouldn't males and females be in the same pool? All people should be in one pool for maximum efficiency. The only way insurance works is for healthy to subsidize non-healthy. That includes pregnant and non-pregnant.

Hey! You've got a point there!

Who needs individual plans to fit individual needs and widely-varying individual financial resources? One size fits all, right?

In the interests of state efficiency, we should also have everyone live in identical housing units, wear identical clothing, parse news sources down to one official source, eat identical meals, and have cars only made in one model and color!




Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 496

Yes, it's going to be awesome when you tell over half the country that they have no say in government at the national level. That will turn out well.

That's exactly what got Trump elected. President-elections-have-consequences-I've-got-a-pen-and-a-phone and his followers are responsible for Trump, along with the Republicans who are liberal-Progressives that fold the moment anything that requires a spine and/or principles comes up.

Between those two groups Americans felt they had no say, so they elected somebody they hope will burn the whole thing down.

Nice going, assholes!


Comment Re:Top 3 promising fusion concepts: (Score 1) 334

Googled it for you. Halliburton alone made $39.5 billion off the Iraq war. Does truth matter to you?

How much have Russian companies who supply Russian military with goods and services profited from Russia's military aggressions? How much did British companies make from the Falklands conflict?

Why is the US the only one ever called out?

*THAT* is my point and what nobody will address.


Comment Re:Top 3 promising fusion concepts: (Score 1) 334

If a company gets $1 when the taxpayers lose $1000, it's still pure profit.

By that standard, every war by every nation that went to war would qualify. What makes the US the exception to be dumped on? What about Russia's invasions of Ukraine and Crimea?

Such fickle and flexible 'standards'!


Comment Re:Top 3 promising fusion concepts: (Score 1, Insightful) 334

Anyway: you get a much quicker return on your money by invading a country like Iraq than you do investing in longer term clean energy.

Yeah, I'm pissed off! Where's all the riches and oil we were supposed to get from Iraq after we invaded? The US got snookered on that deal. We went and invaded Iraq and everything, and all we got was a deficit increase!

Or...maybe you're full of shit and spouting lies like a typical Leftist useful-idiot that is only capable of repeating the propaganda fed to you because you're too stupid or lazy to search out the truth yourself, or just so filled with hate and so caught up in your political/ideological pissing contest that truth doesn't matter, as long as you can *hurt* those you are told you're supposed to hate.


Comment Re:Couldn't be because... (Score 2) 101

Ah yes, I forgot that criticizing someone's views means that you think they shouldn't be able to express them.

Random idiot makes a strawman out of people he disagrees with, news at 11.

Quite frankly, I could not give two shits about their views because their "views" are based on racism, hatred, and lies like 'hands up don't shoot'. Views, opinions, etc are like assholes...everyone has them and most stink.

What I *do* care about are the criminal acts they commit like inciting and committing acts of violence and murder. Dead cops and random white people assaulted do not a strawman make.

If you are unable to differentiate between the two you need to seek psychological help, as you are a danger to yourself and others.


Comment Re: commercial advantages (Score 1) 48

Germany had its Jews, the US has its Mexicans. With the main difference that there are rather few Mexicans you can steal a lot from.

And yes, a lot of the German problems that led up to the rise of the Nazis could be blamed on Clemenceau and his zeal to annihilate Germany with the peace conditions, but by no means all of it. Germany also had politicians that led right up to the point where people did have the feeling that these politicians are doing a crappy job, and yes, quite a few did. Not all of them, there were a few honest, hard working men that tried their best to rebuild the country, but far too many were simply looking out for themselves, and only themselves.

And people will follow anyone who promises an end to that.

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