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Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 234

Someone told me that it wasn't the signature that was important, somewhere there is a camera that grabs a picture at some point in the signature process and signing is more or less supposed to ensure you are in a position to be captured by the camera.

I don't know if it is in the card reader itself or somewhere near the register or if it was unique to this one retailer where I was told. I had kids shut a car door on my writing hand and couldn't move my first three fingers for a couple days so I was signing off hand and it looked nothing like a real signature. I just made a squiggly line once and it accepted it then made a comment about it. The clerk who was also a manager at the place told me about the photo thing. He could have just been blowing smoke too but wasn't too concerned. It might be because I'm there regularly on my way to work too.

Comment There's Just No Pleasing That Guy (Score 1) 135

He didn't like working with the NSA and keeping all the secrets secret. He doesn't like working with the Wikileaks guys and keeping all the secrets public. There's just no pleasing that guy.

We're just easing into the world where no secrets can be kept. There will be some discontent as the proles start to see how the sausage is made, but whenever they realize that all the machinery is that dirty, things should settle down a bit. It's pretty much a universal truth that anyone who actively seeks power should under no circumstances be allowed to have that power. They're all fucking scumbags but we'll keep voting for them or the wrong scumbag will get it. I mean, what else could we do? Have a draft like Jury Duty? "Congratulations, you've been selected to serve 6 years in the Senate. Here's a six digit salary and a page. Try not to fuck it up!" It would never work because reasons!

Comment Re:I think it's pretty obvious (Score 1) 135

Fucking small boys is a favorite past time of Muslim extremism. Perhaps a picture of him with a rent-a-boy would increase his appeal with that demographic.

And before you guys get your panties in a knot, I don't even have to google to know those guys don't have a monopoly on little boy fucking. It's apparently impossible to make it to adulthood without being raped by someone, no matter what country you live in. Maybe you get raped by your priest. Maybe you get raped by a US Senator. Maybe you get abducted and raped by some random stranger in a windowless van. Seeing as how no one has come forward by now (And they always do,) I'd guess Trump is probably in the minority of people in the top 1% who didn't get there for the sole purpose of fucking children whenever they want to.

Comment How Much Money Do You Need? (Score 1) 56

Seems to me there must be a sum of money upon which you could live comfortably for the rest of your life. Around 8 or 10 million, you could probably make more on interest and investment income than most Americans do, and why go for more after that? But I suppose that's why he's a billionaire and I'm not. I'm pretty happy just doing what I'm doing. I wonder if he is. As Sarah Silverman says, all the penises in the world won't fill the hole in your heart.

Comment Re:Untouchable criminal (Score 2) 217

Give it up. You will never win with any argument of logic or fact when they excuse political incompetence with Bush did it. We know for a fact that help wasn't sent for fears of the political fallout but that isn't important. Sitting on your hands and doing nothing while American officials are being killed is somehow justifiably because under different circumstances Bush did it.

Comment Re:Not a great headline (Score 1) 168

There is no technical difference between the front door of your home and your phone outside the neccesity to be in a specific location. They are all points of contact in which you can ignore, hang up or slam the door shut, or engage the person trying to contact you. In a sense, outside of being inconvenient at times, it is little different than post mail.

If you told politicians they couldn't knock on your door or send you mail, would they have standing to complain? The bottom line is that if you have a means to be contacted, barring politicians from contacting or attempts, you would violate their first amendment rights. You do not need to sit and listen.

Comment Re:So make it equally first amendment to block the (Score 1) 168

Not at all.

Part of speech is being able to make it. Blocking robocalls is similar to banning speech in the town square. The phone is specifically designed for people to contact you so you do not have to be in some public place.

So if you do not want robo calls, lobby your state to make a law that all robo calls must register the originating number 24 hours in advance and that telephone providers have to allow customers the option to block them by default if they desire. This now goes from blocking speech in the public square to you intentionally avoiding the public square when said speech is happening.

Comment Re:Vote with your vote (Score 1) 168

I don't know about the DNC but I went to watch another party politician speak and "for security reasons" you had to get tickets which were free. Part of that process was supplying a phone number and email since i did it online. That put my name, email, and phone number on their list.

So I didn't exactly sign up for their phone list. I just wanted to hear what a candidate actually had to say verses what the news filters and claims he said.

Comment Re:Freedom of speech requires a person... (Score 1) 168

Most of all it requires public space.

I can declare that in my house I don't want to hear duck jokes. Why? Because it's my house. My house, my rules, don't like them, get the FUCK out! Government cannot demand from me that I allow you to tell duck jokes in my house. Government's right to demand that anyone can say what they want ends right at where my private property starts.

They must not keep you from telling duck jokes in your home, or on the street, and neither do I have the right to keep you from doing so, no matter how much I dislike duck jokes. You may do so freely in the privacy of your home and even on public ground.

But not on mine! And neither am I in any way obligated to allow some Donald Duck or that Hillary Chick to tell me their jokes.

Also freedom of speech does not entail obligation to listen. You are free to speak. But I am free to ignore you.

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