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Comment Re:And what? (Score 2) 209

I'm sure the MAFIAA is oh so terrified of the protesters who after a day or so will get tired, go home, and watch a movie and listen to some music.

You know, what? I reckon the people behind AFACT are truly terrified of people getting tired, going home, and watching a movie and listening to some music that they've downloaded from a non AFACT site.

Comment Google's view is not just long term.... (Score 1) 89

Google's aims in buying youtube were not just long term, but also wide/strategic.

Owning youtube puts them in a position where they get to decide what the next well supported steaming video codec will be. If they didn't have youtube, they would be in a position where Apple or Microsoft could lock them out of video ads - particularly on the mobile front.

Comment I thought you were done with me? (Score 1) 248

Ok. You haven't figured out how to copy and paste that quote I gave you into google to find it?

Of course I did that - but the page I found, did not contradict my argument that Android apps have to ask to use the location API at install time. In fact the page I found said:

# Certain applications or features of your G1 device may cause other information to be sent to Google but in a fashion that cannot be identified with you personally.
# Your device may send us location information (for example, Cell ID or GPS information) that is not associated with your Account.

Ok. Think what you like idiot.

Wow - you're unable to argue coherently, unable to link to material backing your argument, say you're done with me (but you're going to reply again & again) - but I'm the idiot?

Comment Re:At least they tell you.. (Score 1) 248

So, you're arguing the policy with me

No, I don't really care about the privacy policy, the one & only point I am arguing is that android apps must ask the user at installation if they want to use the location API.

No, I'm done.

Hahaha, the mating cry of the slashdot noob unable to find a link to backup their statements.

Comment Re:So it's an industrialised Mifi? (Score 1) 51

Don't remember signing a contract for bread/beer/books either.

I don't remember signing a contract for a sim card last time I was in the UK.

Also, on a cost-per-gig basis you'd almost certainly have to negotiate for a reasonable price for a data plan that wasn't subject to a far-too-low "fair use" policy.

I am assuming a $x-per-GB rather than a bullshit limited 'unlimited' plan you typically get in the US.

Comment Re:At least they tell you.. (Score 1) 248

Don't need to. We're talking about what the respective privacy policies allow.

No, you do need to. The OP asserted that android apps didn't need to tell you if they were using the location API.

I said they do. You said only most apps need to tell you. This is patently untrue.

All android applications tell you on installation if they use the location API. If you have any evidence to the contrary, spit it out. Otherwise, STFU.

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