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Comment Re:would rather not (Score 1) 247

I'm also surprised there's no setting on the phone to say "fake out the server and tell it you have a lock screen." I'm sure if I bothered rooting my phone I could do it

You are correct, there's Xposed modules for that

I'm sure if I bothered rooting my phone I could do it, but that seems like such a PITA

You can use Mailwise's Exchange security bypass to do it without root (I think it uses office365)

Comment Re:Wait did you say *cash*less? (Score 2) 366

Moving towards a classless society? I'm afraid not. Australia is moving towards a classic feudal society, with an enormous divide between land-owners & tenants.

As prices for a nondescript family home within cooee of anywhere with a job that pays more than 80k/year approach $1 million, the divide between those who already have property & those who don't is becoming impassable.

Comment Re:VMWare is a GPL Violator (Score 1) 32

The Linux foundation is sort of like loggers who claim to speak for the trees.

Wow, I'm really disappointed to hear that, I've read a bit about vmware's GPL violation in the press & the Linux Foundation's silence (or perhaps active suppression) of legal action funded by SFC against vmware.

You got a good summary I can read? I thought the Linux Foundation's role in this was more complex than it appears, but you've just painted with a very negative brush.

Comment Read the response in detail & between the line (Score 5, Insightful) 244

Yes, read the response, but like all communications from large companies, you have to read it critically

For example, from the end of Subway's response:

We will look into this again with our supplier to ensure that the chicken is meeting the high standard we set for all of our menu items and ingredients.

Translate this into normal english and it is "We do not adequately QA our supply chain & our lowest-bid supplier is giving us a chicken/soy blend. We only care about this because we just got caught out"

Comment Re:Somewhat selfishly, I look forward to this. (Score 4, Interesting) 292

Quinoa is convenient? How is it more convenient than rice?

I'm the opposite of you, I find Quinoa inconvenient (only because of the price), but is is really tasty. I substitute out about 1/3 of my rice with red/black Quinoa & add 1/3 extra water to the rice cooker & get a lovely rice with different coloured seeds scattered through it, giving it a nuttiness, crunch & depth of flavour you don't get with plain rice.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 240

Christina Hoff Sommers's videos, Factual Feminist, being modded away because they "offend".

Errrrr, Christina Hoff Sommers's crappy videos haven't been modded away. You can still watch them. What do you even mean by that statement?

Yes, there are a bunch of people running around flagging videos they don't like as inappropriate, but nothing is being 'modded away'. Stop whining.

Comment Re:so the European Comission admits it? (Score 1) 212

So, low taxes attract jobs after all? And the European Commission admits it?

ReRTFA & its quite clear that the motivation in quote you're referring to ("motivated by employment considerations") is assigned to Irish Tax Officials and not to the European Commission. They're not admitting a thing.

Note: I have no pony in this race & have no opinion on whether tax breaks create jobs or not. But your referenced quote is not the smoking gun you make it out to be.

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