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Comment A couple, or more, of points. (Score 1) 733

Captive pigeon shooters are not hunters. They are pigeon killers, and have no sense of honor or decency. Please do not insult real hunters by calling these assholes "hunters". The "activists" are idiots and shoud not be allowed to vicariously enter private property to spy on what the property owners and guests are doing. They are not the law and it is none of their business. If I saw a camera equipped drone flying over my property, I would try my best to shoot it down.

Comment I llok at it like this.... (Score -1, Troll) 344

..Microsoft is like a girlfriend who gives you the clap, then has a makeover and promises she's clean, but you get the clap again. Now the girlfrind has had yet another makeover (#8?), looks very sexy, and promises an experience unlike any you've ever had. Seriously, are you really going to risk another dose of the clap?

Comment Going Mainstream (Score 1) 182

If "going mainstream" means looking and acting more like Windows, then No!, thanks. I'm already pissed at default double-click, having to use Ctrl C and Ctrl V in Open Office, and putting the reload button on the location bar in Firefox. Please don't dumb down Linux any further. A decent Gnome video editor would be nice, though.

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