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Comment Re:What's that? A "war against youth"? (Score 5, Insightful) 721

The inner city kids have nothing to do because:
- There is a lack of adequate nature spaces and sports fields in the inner cities. Probably because land is at a premium and city councils would rather waste money in monthly glossy magazines promoting themselfs than in creating a well-balanced environment to live in.
- There are not enough community activities for young people in large part due to overboard Healt & Safety nuttyness blocking each an every inititiative that might involve any kind of risk (real or perceived).

- There are lots of self contained areas of high unemployment and poverty (aka Housing Estates).
- A media driven culture that values wealth and individualistic selfishness above all means that people around here are raised to not give a damn about other people, including their families.

So you end up with groups of hormone filled, immature youths with no money, no job and nothing to do, immersed in a culture that does not include the notion of respect for anybody else (not elders, not your parents, not teachers, nobody).

It's thus not suprising that England has the problems it has with youth violence ...

Comment Re:Something really fun to think about (Score 1) 9

Ha! Pretty big. 800 acres, some extra room here.

Where you are the government made the people give up all the effective self defense arms. Same in Canada.

I think that was short sighted.

I also think you'll see more chinese going to africa and south america than elsewhere, easier to get what they want there, with more enthusiastic governments willing to let them in..but who knows either. The big chinese fatcats do not want to lose their cushy jobs, so they will do what it takes to keep their own people pacified and to maintain internal law and order, and there's really no way around their water problem outside of them exporting a lot of people to where the water is. Bonus points if there are other natural resources in the same area.

Comment Re:... shall have regard ... to any other matters (Score 0) 208

It's worth noting that this "UK DMCA" will require a court injunction. I.e. not just a take-down notice. There are also lines in there for facilitating legal access. Does this mean abandonware etc can't be locked up by copyright years after production ends? I also fail to see why national security should affect copyright - we have the official secrets act for that.

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