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Comment I've spent a lot of time in retail (Score 0, Troll) 159

I've spent a lot of time in retail and - news flash - everybody does that. When Kroger has a "plus card" deal they always show you the "savings" vs. the MSRP, even if that's not what the item was priced at before the sale. Publix does that with their 2-for-1 deals - you get two items as the MSRP of one. You will save good money doing that, but it's not exactly half price.

This is normal. Once again, Canada shows why government must, of necessity, be reined in.

Comment Re:Increment and decrement (Score 1) 338

I agree it was a mistake. This and the removal of the C style for loop sucked away a huge quantity of energy in the early days of swift evolution.

The good news with ++ and -- is that it is trivial to put them back in.

prefix func ++(n: inout Int) -> Int { n = n + 1 ; return n }

postfix func ++(n: inout Int) -> Int {defer { n = n + 1 } ; return n }

Somebody should do a survey on Github Swift projects to see how many of them define those operators. If it is a lot, we can assume made a mistake.

Comment Congratulations,your PC is now a governance device (Score 3, Insightful) 172

The camera "sees" the user and even knows which user it is seeing. The camera then locks the screen immediately when the user is not present.

How long before the computer "sees" the user and notifies the police that they can pick up their known dissident. I mean, really, given the kind of governance we're about to enter into, this (not to mention Alexa-like audio surveillance "features") are the last thing I'd want on any equipment in my home.

And no, I don't have anything to hide. But conversely, I also don't use the restroom in the middle of 5th Avenue. Privacy is a thing, even in a world full of morons who think it isn't.

Comment Re:Swift libraries (Score 1) 338

The main reason why Swift libraries are still copied into bundles is that the ABI isn't stable yet and so the Swift runtime is dependent on the version of the Swift toolchain used to build it.

If you are wondering why this is the case, I think it is because ABI stability was scheduled for Swift 3 but, unfortunately the beginning of Swift 3 coincided with the open sourcing of Swift and, in particular, Swift Evolution (the process by which new features are proposed and approved or rejected). The team got swamped by the requests for new features and IMO lost focus.

Comment Re:So they didn't enable cheat mode (Score 1) 246

By not disabling the cache Safari will just reload the web page from disk, instead of downloading it all over wifi. In normal use you don't sit around reloading the same page all day, you surf to different web sites, so caching extends battery life to unrealistic levels.

On your normal web site, the actual page content is a pretty small part of the overall download. As images, stylesheets, and javascript files are cached the only thing that loads from page to page is the actual HTML. I develop using Rails, and we have an asset system now that allows us to tell the browser to cache the non-HTML assets for a year, so they'll hopefully never be reloaded. If using standard jquery and such, you can use a CDN that'll have the same sorts of policies to promote caching.

Turning off the cache is not a normal setting, and Consumer Reports should *not* be doing that while claiming to do "real world testing".

Comment Re:Only remove it for California (Score 1) 217

I would argue two things:

1. Hollywood actively has to discriminate based on age. If the part is "young farm boy stumbles on secret plans and gets involved in a desperate fight to overthrow the galactic empire", Mark Hamil, aged 65 is never going to be credible in the role. Similarly, are you going to cast a white man to play Othello? Lawrence Olivier and Orson Wells have both played that part on screen, but there is a reason why you never see those films anymore.

2. If you can't get a job solely because your age is written on your resumé, then age discrimination is clearly still a problem. The way to fix it is to change attitudes, not to pretend age doesn't exist.

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