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Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 65

Because Google can store the music on servers on its own network and not rely on pulling data in from a peer.

And that network is not behind my connection to my ISP? Since otherwise it wouldn't make any sense whatsoever not to count it toward my data cap.

They pay less to carry that traffic because they don't have to bring it in through a peer.

Comment Re:Yes, because Apple buyers aren't paranoid idiot (Score 1) 223

The last three of my MBPs are all still in use with other members of my extended family. The oldest is now over six years old but, apart from the mechanical hard disk, is still reasonably performant. It plays Minecraft just fine.

I'm on my third iPad. Both of the previous two are in use by my parents.

People seem much happier to accept hand-me-down Apple gear than PCs. That's probably a function of price of new Macs and perceived desirability. Making a computer attractive for second hand buyers is probably the best thing you can do in terms of recycling.

Comment Re:No. (Score 3, Insightful) 65

Please, please tell me why Google Play Music should be free while Bob's Music Shop down the street would cost to stream the exact same songs?

Because Google can store the music on servers on its own network and not rely on pulling data in from a peer.

This is why it probably makes sense to split such companies up into physical connection companies and content providers, since the physical connection companies have a built-in advantage for providing content.

Comment Re:Right Sure... (Score 4, Insightful) 619

Apparently you don't know what the fuck you're talking about since that's not remotely close to being true.

Please educate yourself. You're embarrassing all the other asshats on Slashdot.

Uh, yeah. You're the embarrassment who needs to educate yourself. The executive order is based on a law passed in 2015 and signed by Obama - and the seven countries are listed there. Even the loons at Politifact know this:

Comment Re:Biased article.. (Score 1) 619

I can tell the article and website are biased by the first phrase.
"In a bid to court working class voters..."
No, it's not a bid for voters. It's fulfilling a campaign promise.

Right, which is supposed to be a good thing. And to further the point, Trump won because of working class voters. it's the coastal elites and their stooge (Hillary) who would have expanded the H-1B program to bring in more tech workers at lower wages.

Comment Re:Make America Great (Score 4, Insightful) 619

What exactly has he done wrong so far?

The better question is what he's done right. So far he has signed an unconstitutional executive order,

If it's unconstitutional then so was Obama's, yet nobody seemed to get their panties in a wad when he stopped Iraqis from coming into the country for a period of time based on a law passed by Congress. The judge used Trump's campaign language as a basis for deciding that now the order is illegal - I'm frankly more concerned about the judge.

inflamed tensions with Russia

Wait, I thought he was a Russian stooge. So difficult to keep up with this stuff.

and North Korea,

Oh, bull fucking shit. Kim Jong Un is pissing off the world, including China. His biggest export is coal and China just cut him off to buy from America. Are they also "inflaming tensions", or is the asshole Kim doing it himself? We both know the answer. It's good to have a US President that is willing to stand up to Kim. The guy is soon going to be able to put nukes on missiles - it's time to take him seriously.

sent his press secretary out to blatantly and obviously lie to the press

It took this long to get to something substantive.

vacillated on his positions regarding Syria, China, and NATO, accused the previous administration of criminality with no proof or evidence, and acted surprised that things like health care legislation and international relations are complicated. He tweets at 3 AM about Arnold Schwarzenegger's performance at his old job, like some teenage girl jealous that Brian likes Becky now.

The man is a boor and a buffoon, and an embarrassment to our country. I'm still slightly astounded that about 27% of the population doesn't recognize that.

He has a 50% approval rating. Sorry to let you know that.

And, frankly, he's no more of an embarrassment than Obama was. As a lefty, you probably didn't see that. Let me give you a clue - it got so bad that the President of the Philippines - long considered a vassal state to the US - openly mocked Obama last year. He was seen as a weak fool in Asia, which is why China wouldn't even give him the red carpet (don't bother with some stupid shit from media matters explaining that they actually did).

I'm not a Trump fan but I recognize why he won (clue: Hillary) and I have no delusions that we would have been better off in *any* way with Hillary in the White House.

Comment Re:How to make your Rights illegal. (Score 1) 249

Not to mention how clueless it is to put "education" spending under "secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity [sic]". It's silly enough to use the preamble for something like this (should use Article I, Section 8) but worse yet that so much of federal spending - such as education - isn't Constitutional.

For those who missed civics class or didn't have it - education is one of those things the states are supposed to handle, not the federal government. That's why there are no federal universities like the various state universities.

Comment Re:The game is too one-sided (Score 1) 421

Here's an idea: Prepend a couple minutes of ads to your movies, and release them on torrent yourself, in several popular DRM-free formats and qualities. Charge your advertisers according to how many downloads each gets, and do your best to spread them far and wide. Everything becomes available for "free" for a minimally-invasive give-back (the ads) and it becomes not worth the bother to chase down actually-pirated content (which remains an incentive to keep your ads non-annoying), yet the content owner still gets paid.

Not like I want more ads in the world, just trying to come up with a win-win that won't annoy consumers into finding an alternative and doesn't require any new infrastructure or delivery method.

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