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Comment Re: Cue the idiots (Score 4, Insightful) 156

Just because Trump asked Russia to do this, and Russian hackers did this doesn't mean there's a causal relationship.

He didn't "ask Russia to do this". He was joking about Clinton's missing 30,000 emails. Emails that are apparently now a national security concern even though they're just about yoga and Chelsea's wedding, according to Hillary.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 248

In summary: A 3rd party candidate is statistically more likely to be closer in ideology to one of the two major parties.

If you have primary parties A and B, and C is the 3rd party, C is probably more like B than A (for this example). If you and I vote for C because we hate A and like C better than B, our votes didn't count for B. So instead of a vote being a 49% A and 51% B vote, it may well turn out 49% A, 41% B, and 10% C. Thus the party we least liked, A, is the winner.

That's actually how Bill Clinton won in 1992. Ross Perot would likely have won, but he dropped out and only reentered the race at the last month or so. He pulled far more votes from Bush than Clinton, and Clinton ended up winning because of it.

Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 384

But that's how it's =supposed= to work. As someone once pointed out, the Founders *designed* the system to promote legislative gridlock, under the theory that the less legislation gets passed, the less *stupid* legislation gets passed.

My feeling is that even if Trump sucks, it's better to have someone who will argue with Congress, rather than a rubberstamp for every lunacy that comes down the pike, as I expect would happen with Clinton in the office.

Comment Re:the complaint (Score 4, Funny) 93

The government's response? LOL, you Republicans crack me up. We elected President Hope & Change 7 years ago in case you forgot, and we now have the most transparent government in history which works for the *people*, not big Republican-donating industries like the movie industry.

The government's response will be quite predictable: the EFF is correct and we need to quit enforcing these Republican corporatist crony laws right now!

I can't wait to see the looks on those Hollywood Republican's faces when Obama tells his Justice Department lawyers to give it to them good and hard! For the People!

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